M.D. (comics)

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Cover illustration by Johnny Craig
Publication information
PublisherEC Comics
Publication dateApril/May 1955 - December 1955/January 1956
No. of issuesfive
Creative team
Written byCarl Wessler
(?Al Feldstein?)
Artist(s)Graham Ingels
George Evans
Joe Orlando
Reed Crandall
Colorist(s)Marie Severin

M.D. was a short lived comic book published by EC Comics in 1955, the sixth title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic was published by Bill Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein. It lasted a total of five issues before being cancelled along with EC's other New Direction comics.


M.D. focused on medical stories, surgical practices and the day-to-day work of doctors. Each issue featured four stories, plus at least one text piece about a real-life major medical figure.

The frontispiece to the first issue set out its role:

...the Hippocratic Oath was then reprinted in full.

The letters page (upon the first of which the above text appeared in lieu of early letters) was titled "The Needles", and contributors to M.D. include Graham Ingels, Marie Severin, George Evans, Joe Orlando, Reed Crandall and Carl Wessler.


M.D. was reprinted as part of publisher Russ Cochran's Complete EC Library collection, alongside Valor and Impact as Volume 2 of the "New Direction Part 2" slipcased set (1985). Between September 1999 and January 2000, Cochran and Gemstone Publishing reprinted the five individual issues. This complete run was later rebound, with covers included, in a single softcover EC Annual.

Issue guide[edit]

# Date Cover artist Story Story Artist Story Writer
1 April/May 1955 Johnny Craig The Fight For Life Graham Ingels ?
Janie Some Day George Evans ?
The Pain Killer (text piece on William Thomas Green Morton)
To Fill The Bill Joe Orlando ?
The Antidote Reed Crandall ?
2 June/July 1955 Johnny Craig The Balance Reed Crandall ?
Fever Fighter (text piece on William Gorgas)
Different Joe Orlando ?
A Case For The Books Graham Ingels ?
The Trailblazer (text piece on Edward Jenner)
Even For a While George Evans ?
3 August/September 1955 Johnny Craig When You Know How Joe Orlando ?
The Right Cure Graham Ingels ?
Advert for other "New Direction" titles Jack Davis ?
Shock Treatment George Evans ?
The Pioneer (text piece on Ignaz Philipp Semmelweiss)
The Lesson Reed Crandall Carl Wessler
4 October/November 1955 Johnny Craig So That Others May Walk Reed Crandall Carl Wessler
Advert for other "New Direction" titles Jack Davis ?
Doctor Wizard (text piece on William Harvey)
New Outlook Joe Orlando ?
Point of View Graham Ingels ?
Worried Sick George Evans Carl Wessler
5 (December 1955/January 1956) Johnny Craig Complete Cure Reed Crandall ?
Advert for other "New Direction" titles Jack Davis ?
"Army Doc" (text piece on Major-General Leonard Wood)
Child's Play Joe Orlando ?
Emergency Graham Ingels ?
The Right Diagnosis George Evans ?