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The Mid-American Competing Band Directors Association (MACBDA), founded in 1972, is one of the few remaining summer marching band competition circuits in America. The association includes 30 member bands and consists of three classes of bands, with a range of 20 members to 120 members. The MACBDA competition season begins June 21 and includes 15 events across Illinois, Wisconsin, and the in Traverse City, Michigan, for the Cherryland Band Classic during Traverse City's annual Nation Cherry Festval. Finals is in Whitewater at Perkins stadium.[1][2]


The president of MACBDA is Ian Melrose, of the Sound of Sun Prairie. The vice-president of MACBDA is Rex Rakuvina, of the Lighthouse Brigade of Racine. The treasurer is Joe Mesner, from the Sound of Sun Prairie.


Year Class Score Winning Band Concept
2010 Open 90.6 Shadow Armada, Oregon, WI "Tall Tales"
2009 A 77.2 CYO Emerald Knights, Kenosha, WI Circ du Soleil Quidam
2009 Open 90.1 Shadow Armada, Oregon, WI "Asylum"
2008 A 74.8 Saskatoon Lions, Saskatoon, SK ?
2008 Open 92.5 Shadow Armada, Oregon, WI "Collision"
2007 A 69.1 Janesville Green Beret, Janesville, WI "As the Clock Tolls"
2007 Open 89.7 Sound of Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie, WI "Moulin Rouge"
2006 A 79.15 Warren Junior Military Band, Warren-Youngstown, OH ?
2006 Open 89.85 Lighthouse Brigade, Racine, WI Dragon Heart
2005 A 68.4 Dakota Marching Indians, Dakota, IL ?
2005 Open 90.2 Sound of Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie, WI ?
2004 A 68.9 Renegade Regiment, Sandwich, IL ?
2004 Open 86.6 Sound of Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie, WI ?
2003 A 69.3 Renegade Regiment, Sandwich, IL ?
2003 Open 89.3 Pride of the Lions, Regina, SK Pandora's Box
2002 A 66.6 Dakota Marching Indians, Dakota, IL ?
2002 Open 87.6 Sound of Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie, WI ?


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