Mahmoud Mirza

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Prince Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Qajar
Heir Presumptive Qajar dynasty
Reign 1975–1988
Predecessor Prince Soltan Hamid Mirza
Successor Prince Soltan Ali Mirza
Born 9 October 1905
Tahran, Iran
Died 2 June 1988(1988-06-02) (aged 82)
Évian-les-Bains, France
Spouse Effat Ashtiani
Issue Princess Tourandokht
Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza
Dynasty Qajar
Father Prince Mohammad Ali Shah
Mother Malakeh Jahan

Mahmoud Mirza (9 October 1905 – 2 July 1988) Iranian prince of Qajar Dynasty, was the son of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar.

He was head of the Qajar dynasty from the death of his nephew Hamid Mirza on 5 May 1988 until his own death on the 2 July 1988.


He married Effat Ashtiani. They had issue, a daughter and a son:

  • Princess Tourandokht (b. 1 February 1940, Deauville) married to prince Keykhosro Kamrani (d. 8 January 2007, Paris) a descendant of Prince Kamran Mirza son of Naser al-Din Shah. She has two children: Prince Djahangir Kamrani (b. 8 January 1970, Paris) and Prince Navid (15 June 1981, Paris).
  • Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza (b. 23 May 1942, Paris). He is a banker. He was first married to Robin Kadjar-Wambold, daughter of Princess Giti Afrouz daughter of Mohammad Hassan Mirza. They divorced without offspring. From his second marriage to Charlotte Fournois, He has one daughter: Princess Roxanne (b. 30 May 1993, Paris)

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Preceded by
Hamid Mirza
Head of the Qajar dynasty
Succeeded by
Ali Mirza Qajar