Majesty Demos

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The Majesty Demos
Majesty Demos (Dream Theater album - cover art).jpg
YtseJam Records re-release artwork
Demo album by Dream Theater
Released June 1, 1986
2003 (YtseJam re-release)
Recorded 1985–1986
Genre Progressive rock, progressive metal
Length 37:18 (original release)
74:19 (Ytsejam re-release)
Label Independent
YtseJam Records (re-release)
Dream Theater chronology
The Majesty Demos
When Dream and Day Unite
(1989)When Dream and Day Unite1989
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1/5 stars[1]

The Majesty Demos are the first recorded attempts of progressive band Dream Theater, under their original name, Majesty. The original 1986 tape contained six tracks which were recorded on Mike Portnoy's analog 4-track recorder, and another 4-track recorder obtained from friends at Berklee College of Music. All the band members were about 19 years old at the time of the recording. Only 1,000 copies were recorded on cassette tape and distributed to fans and rock and metal magazines. Portnoy gave one copy to Jim Matheos of Fates Warning, a move that was instrumental in the band's break into the progressive rock scene. The line-up on the initial recording was keyboardist Kevin Moore, bassist John Myung, guitarist John Petrucci, and drummer Mike Portnoy. Chris Collins, the band's singer at the time, had been introduced to the band after a friend heard a demo of him singing a note-for-note version of Queensrÿche's "Queen of the Reich".

Seventeen tracks were released by Ytse Jam Records under the title The Berklee Demos and were recorded earlier by Portnoy, Petrucci and Myung at Berklee Music College. These tracks are instrumental. Tracks 11-17 (seven guitar miniatures, recorded by Petrucci and Portnoy late one night to demonstrate double-tracking the guitar). The songs on The Berklee Demos does not include keyboards, except for the cover of Rush's "YYZ" on which Portnoy plays keyboards. These recordings include versions of "Another Won," "Two Far," and "Your Majesty" which would all later appear on The Majesty Demos, though originally they were instrumentals without keyboards. It is for this reason that these three songs actually appear twice on the Ytse Jam Records re-release, as the CD is a combination of the Berklee Demos and the Majesty Demos.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Another Won" John Petrucci 5:27
2. "Your Majesty" Petrucci 3:45
3. "A Vision" Kevin Moore 11:24
4. "Two Far" Moore 5:25
5. "Vital Star" Moore 5:44
6. "March of the Tyrant" Petrucci 5:34

Ytsejam Records re-release track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Particle E. Motion" 1:38
2. "Another Won (instrumental version)" 5:26
3. "The Saurus" 1:23
4. "Cry for Freedom" 6:31
5. "The School Song" 6:12
6. "YYZ" (Rush cover) 4:03
7. "The Farandole" (Talas cover) 3:16
8. "Two Far (instrumental version)" 5:40
9. "Anti-Procrastination Song" (S.O.D. cover) 0:13
10. "Your Majesty (instrumental version)" 3:56
11. "Solar System Race Song" 0:17
12. "I'm About to Faint Song" 0:09
13. "Mosquitos in Harmony Song" 0:12
14. "John Thinks He's Randy Song" 0:10
15. "Mike Thinks He's Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song" 0:16
16. "John Thinks He's Yngwie Song" 0:15
17. "Gnos Sdrawkcab" 0:23
18. "Another Won" 5:27
19. "Your Majesty" 3:45
20. "A Vision" 11:24
21. "Two Far" 5:25
22. "Vital Star" 5:44
23. "March of the Tyrant" 5:34



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