Malé Svatoňovice

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Malé Svatoňovice
Malé Svatoňovice - Barokní kostel Sedmi radostí Panny Marie.jpg
Baroque church of Seven Joys of the Virgin Mary (1734)
Nickname: Studánka
Country Czech Republic
Region Hradec Králové
District Trutnov
Elevation 441 m (1,447 ft)
Coordinates 50°32′3″N 16°3′1″E / 50.53417°N 16.05028°E / 50.53417; 16.05028Coordinates: 50°32′3″N 16°3′1″E / 50.53417°N 16.05028°E / 50.53417; 16.05028
Area 6.75 km2 (2.61 sq mi)
Population 1,572 (As of 2005)
Density 233/km2 (603/sq mi)
Documented 1357
Mayor Vladimír Provazník
Postal code 542 34
Location in the Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Wikimedia Commons: Malé Svatoňovice

Malé Svatoňovice(Czech pronunciation: [ˈmalɛː ˈsvatoɲovɪtsɛ]; German: Klein Schwadowitz) is a village and municipality in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic at the bottom of Jestřebí hory, near the Krkonoše.

Malé Svatoňovice has approximately 1,587 citizens and area is 6,75 km². There is large railway station which was built in 1850s and enlarged during the World War II. The railway station is so large due to coal mines.

There are many interesting geological features: Hronov-Porici fault, old mines and exposure of Permian-Mesozoic rocks. Malé Svatoňovice is starting point of many tourism trails.

Malé Svatoňovice is the birthplace of Karel Čapek (born January 9, 1890), one of the most famous Czech writers. There is a Čapek Brothers Museum in the village. Karel Čapek's brother Josef was the first Czech Cubist and in the Čapek Brothers Museum there is some of his work displayed. In the village and neighborhood there are places which Čapek used in his book Nine Fairy Tales a.k.a. Fairy Tales published 1933 in UK (Devatero pohádek).

Another famous author who uses Studánka as background of her work is Božena Němcová. She speaks about Studánka as pilgrimage place in her idealistic and the most renowned work The Grandmother (Babička).

In the central square of Malé Svatoňovice stands a baroque catholic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary (1734), the church was built in place of seven strong springs. Now springs are rising in chapel (1732). This place was witness of miraculous healings and recovery. In upper parts of village is crossed road with seven chapels.

There were hydrotherapeutic spas in some periods of village history, now closed.

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