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Mandholi is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°46′N 75°48′E / 27.77°N 75.8°E / 27.77; 75.8Coordinates: 27°46′N 75°48′E / 27.77°N 75.8°E / 27.77; 75.8
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Sikar
 • Body Gram Panchayat
Elevation 300 m (1,000 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 1,500
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 332713
Telephone code 09928475455,9711524281 09555016235
Vehicle registration RJ23
Nearest city Neem ka thana
Literacy 70%%
Lok Sabha constituency Sikar
Vidhan Sabha constituency Neemkathana
Civic agency Gram Panchayat

Mandholi is a small town of about 1500 people in eastern Rajasthan. It is 5 km from Neem ka thana township and about 90 km from Jaipur. It is famous for Battle of Maonda and Mandholi[1]


Mandholi[2] was ruled by tribal Mina rulers since antiquity, they were forced out of power by Jat rulers who were defeated by Tanwar Rajputs - Lakhaji Tanwar and Sangaji Tanwar, about 1567 A.D. Mandholi was part of state of Patan Torawati. This seat of power were elder house of Patan rulers. In mid eighteenth century the Battle of Maonda and Mandholi [3] was fought in the plains surrounding villages of Maonda and Mandholi between Rajput forces of Jaipur-Amer and Jat forces of Bharatpur. About 25000 people lost their lives in this battle.

Mandholi Fort[edit]

The old fort at Mandholi is located exactly North of Jaipur's Nahargarh fort and on a good day, is visible with naked eye. In old days it was used as a fire warning structure also.

Genelogy of Rulers of Mandholi[edit]

  1. Rao Udaosingh Tanwar, ruler of Patan, founded Gaonri by defeating the Meena rulers and his younger brother continued at Patan, Torawati.[4]
  2. Rao Bhanwarrajji Tanwar, fought in the battle of Khandela and lost 17 sons there.
    1. Kunwar Sangram Singhji, younger son.
  3. Rao Lakhaji Tanwar 1523/1544, captured Mandholi from the Jat Rulers, established Inderpalji as first Tanwar Thakur of Mandholi.
    1. Bhawanidas Singhji Tanwar
    2. Med Sighji Tanwar
    3. Durgadas Singhji Tanwar
    4. Dungar Singhji Tanwar,
    5. Dungar Singhji Lakhawat fought for Rao Raimal Shekhawat of Amarsar along with Kacchawa Raja Bhim Prithvirajot & his brother Pooranmal Prithvirajot of Amber; Jagmaal Panwar, Chief of Maalpura - Faujdar of Ajmer representing Mewar Ranaji and Younger son of Karmchand Panwar; Kachhawa Raja of Sumer; Biloch Pathan Chuharkhan, Chief of Chatsu; Roopdeo Nirvan, Raja of Khandela (A.D. 1575-1597), etc. against Humayun's Army led by his brother Hindal. Moguls won, and Rao Raimal Shekhawat was defeated. This was the 2nd battle of Shikargarh at Idasri (Anesri): in the first battle the rajput confederacy defeated the Moghul Army led by Humayun's general Mahabeg.
  4. Rao Inderpalji Tanwar
  5. Rao Chitarsinghji Tanwar
    1. Tej Singhji Tanwar
    2. Puranmal singhji Tanwar
  6. Thakur Prithwiraj Singh Tanwar
    1. Dayaldas Singhji Tanwar
    2. Sardul Singhji Tanwar
  7. Thakur Rao Binidasji Tanwar
    1. Jugal Singhji Tanwar
  8. Thakur Gordhandas Singhji Tanwar
    1. Garibdas Singhji Tanwar
    2. Sukhram Singhji Tanwar
    3. Jairam singhji Tanwar
    4. Moharam singhji Tanwar
    5. Raghu Nath Singhji Tanwar
    6. Kripa Ramsi Singhji Tanwar
    7. Sawairam Singhji Tanwar
    8. Jujhar Singhji Tanwar
  9. Thakur Garibdas Singhji Tanwar
    1. Jorawarji
    2. Pemsinghji
    3. Shishramji
    4. Kesari Singhji
    5. Gulab Singhji
    6. Sadaramji
  10. Thakur Vrishbhan Singh Tanwar
    1. Bakshi Ram
    2. Samarth Singh
    3. Sujan Singh
  11. Thakur Hathi Singhji Tanwar
    1. Naul Singhji Tanwar
    2. Ranjit Singhji Tanwar
    3. Jalim Singhji Tanwar
    4. Bagh Singhji Tanwar
    5. Salaidi Singhji Tanwar
  12. Thakur Lakshman Singhji Tanwar
    1. Mangal Singhji Tanwar
      1. Bhik Singhji Tanwar (later adapted by LalSinghji Singhji Tanwar as Thakur of Mandholi)
      2. Balwant Singhji Tanwar
        1. Ramdas Singhji Tanwar
      3. Bhoma Singhji Tanwar
      4. Bhur Singhji Tanwar
        1. Megh Singhji Tanwar
        2. Siman Singhji Tanwar
        3. Narayan Singhji Tanwar
    2. Ramlal Singhji Tanwar
    3. Dhaunkal Singhji Tanwar
  13. Thakur Lalsinghji Tanwar -unmarried
  14. Thakur Bhik Singhji Tanwar, in his reign Mandholi was swept by Cholera outbreak in early 20th century. Lost his family to the outbreak, his son Hanuman Singhji Tanwar survived him

Battle of Maonda and Mandholi[edit]

The Battle of Maonda and Mandholi[5] was fought between The Jat rulers of Bharatpur and the Rajput rulers of Amer Jaipur in 1776 A.D.

Notable people[edit]

Tanwar Rajvansh Ka Itihas [6]

Pana 1 (Lakhawat Tanwar)[edit]

  • Late Thakur Bheek Singhji Tanwar
  • Late Thakur Hanuman Singhji Tanwar
  1. Kr. Bhagwan Singhji Tanwar
    1. Bhanwar Chatrapal Singhji Tanwar
  2. Gajendra Singh Tanwar
    1. Karan Singh Tanwar
    2. Arjun Singh Tanwar
  3. Jagendra Singh Tanwar
    1. Dushyant Singh Tanwar
  4. Udai Singh Tanwar
    1. Yudhishthir Singh Tanwar
    • Lt. Col. Veerendra Singh Tanwar
  1. Janmejay Singh Tanwar
    1. Bhanwar Pranay Dev Singh Tanwar
    • Th Shri Rajendra Singh Tanwar
  1. Abhimanyu Singh Tanwar
  2. Deovrat Singh Tanwar


Affiliated to erstwhile kingdom of PATAN Torawati.

Rulers in pre independent India[edit]

Torawati Map[edit]


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