Mao Daolin

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Mao Daolin, Daniel
Born 1963 (age 53–54)
Shanghai, China
Residence San Francisco
Shanghai, China
Alma mater Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Stanford University
Occupation venture capitalist and corporate executive
Spouse(s) Hu Haiqing (m. 2003)[1]
Relatives Hu Jintao (father in law)
Liu Yongqing (mother in law)
Hu Haifeng (brother in law)

Mao Daolin (Chinese: 茅道林; Pinyin: Máo Dàolín; born 1963) is an internet tycoon. He is a former Chief Executive Officer of He married Hu Jintao's daughter, Hu Haiqing, in 2003.


Mao was born in 1963 in Shanghai. He graduated from Shanghai East-China Model High School in 1980. Mao then entered the Computer Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Later he went to Stanford University for a master's degree.

Since graduating from Shanghai East-China Model High School in 1980, Mao has been heavily involved in the computer industry. He started his own software company in 1982 and later served as a consultant from 1988 to 1993. The following year, in 1984, he joined Walden, an international risk investment company, as a vice-president.

Mao was a strong advocate for the merger of Stone Richsight and Huanyuan Consultation. From 1996 to 2001, he served as the chief operating officer at In 2002, he became’s chief executive officer.

Hu is now a San Francisco-based venture capitalist with Walden International Investment Group.[2]


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