Maoh: Juvenile Remix

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Maou: Juvenile Remix
魔王 Juvenile Remix
Genre Psychological, Horror, Supernatural , Action
Written by Kōtarō Isaka
Megumi Oosuga
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shounen
Magazine Shonen Sunday
Original run 20072010
Volumes 10
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Maou: Juvenile Remix (魔王 ~JUVENILE REMIX~ ) is a shonen manga that is based on a novel by Kōtarō Isaka and Megumi Oosuga (大須賀 めぐみ). The series is about a young man who discovered his power and uncovered a rising leader's secret to rule Nekota city. Both writer and artist eventually team-up for spin-off for Waltz.[1] The series was licensed by Viz Media


Andô is a high-school student who possesses the ability to make anyone within a 30-step radius to say whatever he thinks. Inukaï is the young chief of the Grass Hopper, a self-defense force who claims to maintain Nekota town's peace. When Andô realises Inukai is using inhumane methods to control the population, he decides to stop Inukai with his ability. However, Ando isn't the only enemy Inukai has, and vice versa.


  • Ando (安藤 Andō?, given name unknown) - Protagonist of the first part. Resident of the fictional Nekota city (based in Kanto region) and a second-year student at Nekota East High. He didn't agree with Inukai's way to change the world and fought against his group, the Grasshopper.
  • Junya Ando (安藤 潤也 Andō Jun'ya?) - Younger brother of Ando and protagonist of the second part.
  • Shunji Inukai (犬養 舜二 Inukai Shunji?) - The main antagonist of the series and the founder and leader of the Grasshopper (グラスホッパー Gurasuhoppā?), an influencing organization with many relations in the Japanese political world. He is the charismatic person who can manipulate many people.
  • Master (マスター Masutā?, personal name unknown) - The master of Duce cafe and Inukai's trusted ally. Later revealed as an ESP user.
  • Semi (?, "Cicada") - An assassin first sent to kill the older Ando, but spared him instead because of his assassination contract being cancelled. He is the protagonist for the spin-off Waltz.
  • Mr. Anderson (Mr.アンダーソン Mr. Andāson?, given name unknown) - An American influencing businessman and president of the Anderson Group who wants to make his project building the "New City" in Nekota city.
  • Anderson (Jr.) (アンダーソン Andāson?, given name unknown) - A half-American, half-Japanese student who later attends the same class with the older Ando. Due to Inukai's influences, Nekota residents' rage for the Anderson Group (a company managed by his father) intensely increase which make Anderson's classmates and other students behave violently towards the younger Anderson.
  • Machiko (満智子?) - A beautiful girl who is a third-year student and president of Nekota High's Newspaper club in which the Ando brothers are members.
  • Shiori (詩織?) - Junya's girlfriend.
  • Kaname (?) - A boy who is the classmate of the older Ando. He was a bully victim before being contacted with Inukai.
  • Suzumebachi (スズメバチ?, "Hornet") - An assassin hired by Mr. Anderson to kill a great number of members of Grasshopper.
  • Shima (?) - The older Ando's friend in Nekota Highschool.
  • Asagao (槿?, "Hawaiian hibiscus") - A top-notch assassin and the father of Kentaro and Kojiro.
  • Kentaro & Kojiro (健太郎&孝次郎 Kentarō & Kōjirō?) - The twin brothers who can use ESP since their young age.
  • Iwanishi (嵒蠁 Iwanishi?) - A dealer who manages Semi's contracts, and is much feared/respected by Semi. He is a protagonist in the spin-off Waltz.


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