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Maral göl 1.jpg

Maral-gol mountainous lake at the height of 1910 m. on Murovdag Mountain in the west of Azerbaijan. The lake occupies the territory of 23 hectares with utmost depth of 60 m. Maralgol is connected with another unique beautiful mountain lake Goygol ("Blue lake") via Akhsu river. [1]Strong earthquake led to the creation of this lake is created where the rocks collapsed and blocked the route of the local river. The lake is surrounded with the marshland, typical moorland, mountains and dense forests. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the country out of other eight neighboring mountain lakes.

In fact, Maralgol is up some 250 steps from the car park. There is a small beach and the water is crystal clear.

Coordinates: 40°22′30″N 46°18′50″E / 40.37500°N 46.31389°E / 40.37500; 46.31389

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