Lake Hajikabul

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Lake Hajikabul
Coordinates39°59′00″N 48°55′30″E / 39.9833°N 48.925°E / 39.9833; 48.925Coordinates: 39°59′00″N 48°55′30″E / 39.9833°N 48.925°E / 39.9833; 48.925
Basin countriesAzerbaijan
Surface area6 sq mi (16 km2)[1]

Hajikabul is the sixth largest lake of Azerbaijan.[2]

It is located to the south-west of Baku, near Shirvan city, in Hajigabul Rayon, not far from a railway station. Its total area is 1668 ha, maximal length - 6 km, maximal width - 3 km and depth - 5 m. The lake is supplied by waters of the Kura River, with a special channel. Temperature of water hesitates between 5 °C and 28,5 °C. Pellucidity of water is between 0,06 and 2,5 m. Barbel, carp, sheatfish, pike, zander and grass carp are commercial fishes of the lake. Water plants such as reed mace, reed, bulrush, buttercup and hornwort are met in the lake.[3]

The lake is located in Kur-Araz Lowland. It formed in the result of withdrawal of the Caspian Sea in a definite geological period. Spring flows of the Kura River increase the area of the lake.[4]

It doesn’t freeze in winter and has a great significance for hibernation of migratory birds.