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Marcel Hatch, born November 4, 1954 in Spokane, Washington, is an American-born graphic designer, gay rights,[1] and Trotskyist [2] political activist [3] based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Hatch joined the Freedom Socialist Party[4] while living in Seattle and subsequently launched its Canadian chapter while living in Vancouver. In 1999 he joined the Socialist Caucus and subsequently left the Freedom Socialist Party to join Socialist Action which he has since left.

In 2001, he challenged incumbent leader Alexa McDonough for the leadership of the New Democratic Party as the candidate of the Socialist Caucus. He received 16% of the vote of delegates to that year's national party convention.[3] Today, he operates Cuba Education Tours, a non-profit agency organizing educational and solidarity trips to Cuba,[5] Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Hatch remains an advocate for Cuba and has contributed a number of articles on the island's political system and in defense of Cuba's progress on LGBT rights.[1]


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