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Video by Cardiacs
Released 1992
Recorded 30 June 1990
Genre Psychedelic
Length mm:ss
Label Fotodisk/Alphabet Business Concern
Cardiacs chronology
Seaside Treats

Maresnest is the second official video released by Cardiacs and it was recorded live at the Salisbury Arts Centre on 30 June 1990.

This video is notable as being the last time Sarah Smith and Tim Quy played with the band. Sarah had ceased to be a full time member of the band more than a year earlier, but had made other guest appearances before this one. There is a dedication at the end of the video which states that Tim Quy left "our world" the day the video was made. This is a joke by Cardiacs and was meant to indicate that Tim Quy had left the band. Many fans mistakenly thought he had died. There are several references to Tim Quy throughout the video, mostly in the backstage sequences where several members ask whether anybody has seen him.

Of interest, Cardiacs shared the same management as Napalm Death at the time, and both bands recorded live videos in the same venue that day (Napalm Death recorded Live Corruption). Some members of Napalm Death are huge fans of Cardiacs. Contrary to some reports, however, they were not on the same bill. The two video recordings were entirely separate events with Cardiacs recording in the afternoon and Napalm Death in the evening.

The video was directed by Steve Payne and produced by Steven Malitsky, for Fotodisk.

Maresnest was officially re-released on DVD format on 2 September 2013, with improved video and sound quality.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Duck And Roger The Horse"
  2. "There's Too Many Irons In The Fire"
  3. "It's A Lovely Day"
  4. "Everything Is Easy!"
  5. "I Hold My Love In My Arms"
  6. "Arnald"
  7. "Baby Heart Dirt"
  8. "To Go Off And Things"
  9. "Bic's Bit" (Guitar Solo)
  10. "The Leader Of The Starry Skies"
  11. "Tarred And Feathered"
  12. "Fast Robert"
  13. "Big Ship"
  14. "Visiting"
  15. "R.E.S"
  16. "Is This The Life?"


  • Tim Quy - Percussion
  • Tim Smith - Lead Vocals and Guitar
  • Jim Smith - Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Sarah Smith - Saxophone
  • Christian Hayes - Guitar and Vocals
  • William D. Drake - Keyboards and Vocals
  • Dominic Luckman - Drums