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List of Waterloo Road characters

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This article lists the characters and the actors who portray them from the award-winning BBC television series Waterloo Road. Philip Martin Brown (who played Grantly Budgen) was the longest-serving cast member, having appeared in 149 episodes between the first episode until the sixth episode of series nine. Appearing in 148 episodes was Jason Done (who played Tom Clarkson) between the first episode and the final episode of series eight.

Main characters

Final cast

The final ensemble, present during the final episode of Waterloo Road, first broadcast on 9 March 2015, was headlined by Melanie Hill, rounding out her fourth year as Maggie Bugden. Other cast members included Laurie Brett, as English teacher, Christine Mulgrew, and Neil Pearson as dynamic headmaster Vaughan Fitzgerald. It was Pearson who spoke the final, original line, "Cue the music!", but this was followed by the camera going to different points in the school with different quotes from the past being spoken above. The final quote made was by longest-serving cast member Phillip Martin Brown (who played Grantly Budgen), who said: "I turned up for a week's cover and ended up staying 25 years!".

Character Series Portrayer Role
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b
Maggie Budgen Melanie Hill Senior Canteen Assistant (s. 7–8)
Housemistress (s. 8–)
Home Economics Teacher (s. 8–)
Audrey McFall Georgie Glen History Teacher
Christine Mulgrew Laurie Brett Head of English (s.8)
English Teacher (s. 8, 10)
Head Teacher (s. 8-9)
Rhiannon Salt Rebecca Craven Pupil
Sonya Donnegan Victoria Bush School Secretary
George Windsor Angus Deayton Head of Modern Languages
Deputy Head (s. 9)
Lenny Brown Joe Slater Pupil
Lisa Brown Caitlin Gillespie Pupil
Darren Hughes Mark Beswick Pupil
Shaznay Montrose Je'Taime Morgan Hanley Pupil
Justin Fitzgerald Max Bowden Pupil
Leo Fitzgerald Zebb Dempster Pupil
Olga Fitzgerald Pooky Quesnel Parent
Supply Teacher (s.10)
Geography Teacher (s.10)
Vaughan Fitzgerald Neil Pearson Headteacher
English Teacher (s.10)
Kenzie Calhoun Charlotte Beaumont Pupil
Scott Fairchild Andrew Still Pupil
Carrie Norton Tahirah Sharif Pupil
Bonnie Kincaid Holly Jack Pupil
Lorna Hutchinson Laura Aikman Deputy Headteacher
Science Teacher
Dale Jackson Finlay MacMillan Pupil
Abdul Bukhari Armin Karim Pupil
Marco D'Olivera Stefano Braschi Science Teacher
Guy Braxton Regé-Jean Page Graphics & Product Design Teacher

Former cast

Throughout its ten series, Waterloo Road featured a large ensemble including original cast members Denise Welch, Adam Thomas and Jason Merrells; former Coronation Street actors, Katy Carmichael, Tina O'Brien and Angela Griffin; ex-EastEnders stars, Jill Halfpenny, Daniela Denby-Ashe and Zöe Lucker and Britain's Got Talent winner, George Sampson.


Waterloo Road has seen six headteachers, two acting headteachers and one executive headteacher, including Jason Merrells as original head, Jack Rimmer, Laurie Brett as Christine Mulgrew and Neil Pearson as the final headteacher, Vaughan Fitzgerald. Merrells made one other appearance as Jack, after he left his headteacher post. Christine was an acting headteacher, before her role as headteacher and Simon Lowsley was an acting headteacher, without becoming a headteacher. Tom Chambers played Max Tyler, who was an executive head of Waterloo Road.

Character Portrayer Duration Official Title
Jack Rimmer Jason Merrells 1x01−3x06 Headmaster
3x19 Guest appearance
Rachel Mason Eva Pope 3x07−5x20 Headmistress
Max Tyler Tom Chambers 5x01–5x10 Executive Headmaster
Karen Fisher Amanda Burton 6x01−7x10 Headmistress
Michael Byrne Alec Newman 7x11−8x26, 8x28 Headmaster
Nikki Boston Heather Peace 8x27 Headmistress
Christine Mulgrew Laurie Brett 8x28−9x10 Acting Headmistress
9x10−9x19 Headmistress
Simon Lowsley Richard Mylan 9x20 Acting Headmaster
Vaughan Fitzgerald Neil Pearson 10x01−10x20 Headmaster

Deputy Headteachers

Waterloo Road has had nine deputy headteachers including Jason Done as long-standing English teacher turned deputy head Tom Clarkson, Jaye Jacobs as intelligent and sexy Sian Diamond and Neil Morrissey as charismatic and inspirational Eddie Lawson. Jamie Glover made two other appearances as original deputy head Andrew Treneman, after he left his post. Tom, George Windsor and Nikki Boston (Done, Angus Deayton and Heather Peace) were the only deputy headteachers to have not been deputy headteachers throughout all their time at Waterloo Road.

Character Portrayer Duration Other Titles while Deputy Head
Andrew Treneman Jamie Glover 1x01−2x12 English Teacher
4x19-4x20 Guest appearance
Eddie Lawson Neil Morrissey 3x01−4x20 Maths Teacher
Christopher Mead William Ash 5x01–7x10 Science Teacher
Sian Diamond Jaye Jacobs 7x11−8x19 Science Teacher
Tom Clarkson Jason Done 7x11−8x30 English Teacher
Nikki Boston Heather Peace 8x21−8x26, 8x28−8x29 English Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Head of Pupil Referral Unit
Simon Lowsley Richard Mylan 8x29−9x20, 10x01−10x09 English Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Resilience Teacher
George Windsor Angus Deayton 9x03−9x18 Head of Modern Languages
Lorna Hutchinson Laura Aikman 10x11−10x20 Science Teacher

Subject Heads

There has been lots of subject heads over the ten series, including sarcastic Head of Modern Languages, George Windsor (Angus Deayton), original Head of English, Grantly Budgen (Phillip Martin Brown) and vain Head of Physical Education, Jez Diamond (Alex Walkinshaw). Several subject heads have done other roles outside of being subject heads. Esther Fairclough (Daniela Nardini) was the only subject head to have the position of acting subject head.

Character Portrayer Duration Subject
Grantly Budgen Phillip Martin Brown 1x01−4x20 English
Izzie Redpath Jill Halfpenny 1x01−2x12 Drama
Matt Wilding Chris Geere 3x01–4x20, 7x11−7x30 Music and Drama
Rob Cleaver Elyes Gabel 4x01−4x10 Physical Education
Tom Clarkson Jason Done 5x01−7x10 English
Ruby Fry Elizabeth Berrington 5x01−6x20 Food Technology
Jo Lipsett Sarah-Jane Potts 5x01−5x20 Modern Languages
Francesca Montaya Karen David 6x01−6x20 Spanish
Jez Diamond Alex Walkinshaw 7x11−7x28 Physical Education
Linda Radleigh Sarah Hadland 7x13−7x21 English
Nikki Boston Heather Peace 7x23−7x30 English
Christine Mulgrew Laurie Brett 8x01−8x28 English
Esther Fairclough Daniela Nardini 8x25−8x28 Acting Science
George Windsor Angus Deayton 8x29−10x20 Modern Languages
Allie Westbrook Nicola Stephenson 10x01−10x10 Art

Staff members

This is a list of regular members of the Waterloo Road staff that didn't appear in the final episode of Waterloo Road. The roles from this list includes teachers, teaching assistants, school secretaries, housemasters, canteen assistants, pastoral care leaders, finance directors, investors/benefactors, developers, supply teachers, head of governors, head of extended services, site managers and maintenance assistants.

  Regular   Guest

Character Series Portrayer Role
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b
Grantly Budgen Phillip Martin Brown English Teacher
Head of English (s. 1–4)
Housemaster (s. 8–9)
Kim Campbell Angela Griffin Head of Pastoral Care
Art Teacher
Tom Clarkson Jason Done English Teacher
Head of Pastoral Care (s. 3–4)
Head of English (s. 5–7)
Deputy Head (s. 7–8)
Estelle Cooper Judith Barker School Secretary
Lorna Dickey Camilla Power English Teacher
Steph Haydock Denise Welch French Teacher (s. 1–5)
Head of Pastoral Care (s. 3)
Finance Director (s. 3)
Izzie Redpath Jill Halfpenny Drama Teacher
Andrew Treneman Jamie Glover Deputy Head (s. 1–2)
English Teacher (s. 1−2)
Janeece Bryant Chelsee Healey Pupil (s. 1–4)
School Secretary (s. 6–8)
Lewis Seddon Craig Fitzpatrick Pupil (s. 1)
Canteen Assistant (s. 3)
Roger Aspinall Nick Sidi Investor
Davina Shackleton Christine Tremarco School Secretary (s. 2)
Teaching Assistant (s. 3–4)
Jasmine Koreshi Shabana Bakhsh English Teacher
Eddie Lawson Neil Morrissey Deputy Head
Maths Teacher
Bridget Morley Jacqueline Kington School Secretary
School Bursar
Candice Smilie Kay Purcell Senior Canteen Assistant
Stuart Hordley Silas Carson Developer
Rose Kelly Elaine Symons Parent
Canteen Assistant
Ralph Mellor Malcolm Scates Parent
Head of Governors
Police Chief Constable
Melissa Ryan Katy Carmichael Head of Extended Services
Helen Hopewell Vinette Robinson English Teacher
Christopher Mead William Ash Deputy Head
Science Teacher
Charlie Fisher Ian Puleston-Davies Supply Teacher
Marcus Kirby Wil Johnson Geography Teacher
Adanna Lawal Sharlene Whyte Head of Pastoral Care
Daniel Chalk Mark Benton Maths Teacher (s. 7–8)
Adoptive Parent (s. 8–9)
Eleanor Chaudry Poppy Jhakra English Teacher
Rob Scotcher Robson Green Site Manager
Sian Diamond Jaye Jacobs Deputy Head
Science Teacher
Nikki Boston Heather Peace English Teacher
Head of English (s. 7)
Head of Pupil Referral Unit (s. 8–9)
Physical Education Teacher (s. 8–9)
Deputy Head (s. 8)
Head Teacher (s. 8)
Lorraine Donnegan Daniela Denby-Ashe Benefactor
Carol Barry Zöe Lucker Parent
Canteen Assistant (s. 9–10)
Ndale Kayuni Richie Campbell Maintenance Assistant
Esther Fairclough Daniela Nardini Acting Head of Science
Simon Lowsley Richard Mylan Deputy Head
English Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Resilience Teacher (s. 9)
Acting Headteacher (s. 9)
Sue Lowsley Vanessa Hehir Science Teacher
Hector Reid Leon Ockenden Physical Education Teacher
Character 1 2 a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b Portrayer Role
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


This is a list of regularly-appearing Waterloo Road pupils that didn't appear in the final episode of Waterloo Road. Many students have appeared in Waterloo Road and few have made reappearances since their departures, as students, such as ambitious Dynasty Barry (Abby Mavers), troubled Bolton Smilie (Tachia Newall) and paraplegic Tariq Siddiqui (Naveed Choudhry).

  Regular   Guest

Character Series Portrayer Roles outside Pupil
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b
Donte Charles Adam Thomas
Chlo Grainger Katie Griffiths
Mika Grainger Lauren Drummond
Janeece Bryant Chelsee Healey School Secretary (s. 6–8)
Yasmin Deardon Rhea Bailey
Lewis Seddon Craig Fitzpatrick Canteen Assistant (s. 3)
Brett Aspinall Tom Payne
Celine Dixon Zeriozha Burt-Skeete
Maxine Barlow Ellie Paskell
Karla Bentham Jessica Baglow
Aleesha Dillon Lauren Thomas
Danielle Harker Lucy Dixon
Bolton Smilie Tachia Newall Visitor (s. 8)
Paul Langley Thomas Milner Friend (s. 6)
Michaela White Zaraah Abrahams
Denzil Kelly Reece Douglas
Earl Kelly Reece Noi
Marley Kelly Luke Bailey
Sambuca Kelly Holly Kenny Daughter/Friend (s. 6−7)
Flick Mellor Sadie Pickering
Phillip Ryan Dean Smith
Lauren Andrews Darcy Isa
Emily James Shannon Flynn
Lindsay James Jenna-Louise Coleman
Siobhan Mailey Phoebe Dynevor
Ros McCain Sophie McShera
Luke Pendle Richie Jeeves
Amy Porter Ayesha Gwilt
Josh Stevenson William Rush Son (s. 8)
Vicki MacDonald Rebecca Ryan
Finn Sharkey Jack McMullen
Ronan Burley Ben-Ryan Davies
Bex Fisher Tina O'Brien
Harry Fisher Ceallach Spellman
Jess Fisher Linzey Cocker
Jonah Kirby Lucien Laviscount
Ruth Kirby Anna Jobarteh
Nate Gurney Scott Haining
Kyle Stack George Sampson Former Pupil (s. 7)
Rhona Mansfield Hope Katana
Shona Mansfield Millie Katana
Aiden Scotcher Oliver Lee
Jodie "Scout" Allen Katie McGlynn
Tariq Siddiqui Naveed Choudhry Friend (s. 9)
Trudi Siddiqui Aryana Ramkhalawon
Phoenix Taylor Kaya Moore
Harley Taylor Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Madi Diamond Georgia Henshaw
Zack Diamond Lee Abbate
Naseem Siddiqui Shifaa Arfann
Jade Fleming Paige Meade
Angus Hancock Benjamin Gur
Connor Mulgrew Shane O'Meara
Imogen Stewart Kirstie Steele
Lula Tsibi Marlene Madenge
Liberty Gordon Adiza Shardow
Kevin Chalk Tommy Lawrence Knight
Barry Barry Carl Au
Dynasty Barry Abby Mavers Daughter/Friend (s. 10)
Kacey Barry Brogan Ellis
Jack MacAllister Taylor Rhys
Archie Wong Christopher Chung
Gabriella Wark Naomi Battrick
Floyd Westbrook Leo Flanagan
Tiffany Westbrook Sammy Oliver
Character 1 2 a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b Portrayer Roles outside Pupil
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Guest characters

Throughout its ten series, Waterloo Road featured a large guest cast, which featured many parents, partners, community friends, brief-appearing members of staff and pupils. Actors that have made guest appearances in the show include Louise Delamere, Jody Latham, Tim Healy, John Thomson and Lisa Riley.

Character Series Portrayer Role Episode Count
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b
Fleur Budgen Uncredited (s. 1)
Lorraine Cheshire (s. 3–7)
Wife 12
Clarence Charles Steve Money Relative 9
Jimmy Grainger David Crellin Relative 4
Holly Tattersall Daisy Wignall Friend 5
Leigh-Ann Galloway Holly Matthews Pupil 3
Stacey Appleyard Holly Grainger Pupil 4
Jerry Preston Paul Birchard Executive Investor 2
Colin Chris Finch Partner 5
Colin Hastings Adam Long Pupil 5
Prince Kelly Charlie and Taylor Sheldrick Relative 6
Dave Miller Tim Healy Security Guard 5
Grace Campbell Meaghan McPherson-Gowe Relative 6
Marion James Louise Delamere Relative 4
Georgia Stevenson Fiona Allen Former Partner 4
John Fry Ralph Ineson Husband 6
Adam Fleet Steven Waddington Healthy Schools Co-ordinator 8
Oliver Mead John McArdle Partner 6
Ryan Sharkey Paul Opacic Relative 2
Dylan Hodge Ciarian Griffiths Criminal 5
Naomi Scotcher Debra Stephenson Relative 4
Richard Whitman Nicholas Gleaves Director of Education 6
Tina Allen Lisa Riley Relative 6
Wayne Johnson Rob Haythorne Michael Byrne's Attacker 5
Nelson Smith John Thomson Relative 4
Rosie Matthews Jo-Anne Knowles Friend 5
Craig O'Leary Matt Kennard Fiancée 6
Eugene Garvey Stefan Gumbs Gang Leader 5
Gerard Findlay Alex Norton Head of Havelock High 5
Billy Byrne Ron Donachie Relative 7
Sally Stewart Jenny Ryan Relative 4
Steve-O Malone Jody Latham Former Partner 4
Robert Bain Shaun Prendergast Head of Education
Princess Windsor Elizabeth Tan Wife
Mandarin Teaching Assistant (s. 9)
Eve Boston Sophie Skelton Relative 4
Vix Spark Kristin Atherton Partner
Amelia Wark Connie Hyde Relative 3
Sammy Hughes Keeley Forsyth Relative 2
Grace Drummond Judith Barker Friend 4
Hassan Bukhari Ian Aspinall Relative 7
Ronnie Fairchild Robin Laing Police Constable
Steph Norton Nadine Marshall Relative 4
Rob Hutchinson Gareth David-Lloyd Husband 3
Character 1 2 a b a b a b a b a b c a b c a b a b Portrayer Role Episode Count
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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