Marsha Green

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Marsha Green
09 ACPS Atlanta 1996 Track Marsha Green.jpg
Australian athlete Marsha Green is assisted from the track at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games
Personal information
Nationality  Australia
Born 26 July 1975
Sydney, New South Wales

Marsha Green (born 26 July 1975) in Sydney, New South Wales[1] is an Australian Paralympic athlete with a vision impairment. She won a silver medal and bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics.

At the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics, she competed in four events and won a silver medal in the Women's 200 m B2 and a bronze medal in the Women's 400 m. [2]Competing at the 1994 IPC Athletics World Championships, she won three silver medals - 100m, 200 and 400m T11 events. [2] At the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics, she finished seventh in the Women's 200 m T11 and sixth in the Women's 400 m T11. [2]


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