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Martin Randall Travel is a cultural tour operator in Britain. It specialises in small group tours and classical music festivals.


Martin Randall Travel was founded in 1988.[1] Its primary focus is the organisation of small group tours, led by a lecturer who is an expert in their field. In 1994, the company expanded into producing music festivals to complement their small group tours. The company pioneered this concept[citation needed], and has seven festivals confirmed for 2017 including A Festival of Music in Florence, Toledo: A Festival of Spanish Music, A Festival of Music in Salzburg, The Rhone Music Festival, The Danube Music Festival, The Johann Sebastian Bach Journey, and Vivaldi in Venice.[2]

Critical acclaim[edit]

Martin Randall Travel focuses on a small clientele and has received favourable reviews.[citation needed] Ian Irvine in The Independent said, "All three... highlights from my life as a cultural tourist were part of the remarkable series of music festivals run by Martin Randall."[3] Christine Headley praised Martin Randall Travel's handling of money - covering most costs and distributing local currency - on the festival she attended.[4] Kenneth Asch wrote in the Travellers' Handbook, "Of all the travel services I have researched, Martin Randall Travel is perhaps the most comprehensive, culturally speaking."[5]

Martin Randall Travel won two first-place awards at the 2015 British Travel Awards: Best Special Interest Holiday Company (Small) and Best Holiday Company for Customer Service (Small).[6] In 2016 it won both of them again, and also won Best Escorted Tours Holiday Company (small).[7]


  • Martin Randall, founder
  • Vernon Ellis
  • Ian Hutchinson
  • Neil Taylor
  • Fiona Urquhart
  • William Burton


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