Martin van Drunen

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Martin van Drunen
Martin van Drunen performing live with Asphyx at The Fridge in London, on 22 September 2007
Background information
Origin Netherlands
Genres Death metal
Occupation(s) Bassist, vocalist, lyricist
Instruments Bass, vocals
Years active 1986–present
Associated acts Pestilence, Asphyx, Comecon, Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets, Grand Supreme Blood Court

Martin van Drunen (Born 1966, Uden) is a Dutch death metal vocalist, who started out in the band Pestilence.[1] In this band, he also performed the bass duties live. He recorded two albums with them, Malleus Maleficarum[2] and Consuming Impulse.[3] After his departure from Pestilence, he joined Asphyx as the singer and bass player in 1990.[4] For this band he recorded two albums as well. He performed the vocals on Comecon's second album Converging Conspiracies in 1993[5] and then formed his own band called Submission. In 1995, he was asked to replace Karl Willetts in the UK death metal band Bolt Thrower.[6] He did two tours with them, but never recorded an album.

In 2006 an 'all star' death metal band by the name Hail of Bullets was formed with van Drunen doing vocals, ex-Houwitser bass player Theo van Eekelen, Gorefest drummer Ed Warby and both Thanatos guitarists Paul Baayens and Stephan Gebédi.[7] In May 2008 they released an album called …Of Frost and War.[8] In 2009 van Drunen performed guest vocals on The Project Hate MCMXCIX's album The Lustrate Process. In October 2010, Hail of Bullets released their second album On Divine Winds.[9]

In death metal genre, Martin is very well known for his unique approach to vocals. He uses a higher pitched death growl, something that many fans describe as 'tortured screams' or 'screaming cries'. Because of that, he is one of the most well known death metal vocalists.


With Pestilence[edit]

With Asphyx[edit]


EPs & Others

  • Crush the Cenotaph EP (1992)
  • Death... The Brutal Way 7" advance single (2008)
  • Live Death Doom live DVD (2010)

With Comecon[edit]

  • Converging Conspiracies (1993)

With Death By Dawn[edit]

  • One Hand, one Foot and a lot of Teeth (2006)

With Hail of Bullets[edit]

With Grand Supreme Blood Court[edit]


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