Mary Hon

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Mary Hon
Chinese name 韓馬利 (traditional)
Chinese name 韩马利 (simplified)
Pinyin Hán Mǎlì (Mandarin)
Jyutping Hon3 Ma2 Lei4 (Cantonese)
Born (1954-07-01) 1 July 1954 (age 63)
 Hong Kong, China
Origin Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Years active 1976 – present
Label(s) TVB
Spouse(s) To Yin-ge (1989 – present)
Ancestry Fujian, China
Website Mary Hon at Sina Weibo

Mary Hon is an actress from TVB in Hong Kong. She has appeared in many television series, such as Beyond the Realm of Conscience.


TV series[edit]

Year Title Role TVB Anniversary Awards
1979 Chor Lau-heung Shum Wai-lam
1988 Twilight of a Nation Imperial Consort Yi
1992 Rage and Passion Lam Ling-so
1995 Detective Investigation Files Ching Ka Hei's wife
1999 At the Threshold of an Era Ma Lo Bo Chu
2002 Eternal Happiness Kakmaisi
2007 Fathers and Sons Li Dai-choi Nominated - Best Supporting Actress (Top 5)
2008 Wasabi Mon Amour Yim Yuk
A Journey Called Life Ho Bo-Ling
The Money-Maker Recipe
Speech of Silence
Moonlight Resonance Geun
When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West
Off Pedder Law Suet-sin
2008-2009 Pages of Treasures Ngan Yu-yuk
2009 The Threshold of a Persona
Sweetness in the Salt Nip Cheung-See
Beyond the Realm of Conscience Empress Dowager Cheng Nominated - Best Supporting Actress (Top 15)
2010 In the Eye of the Beholder Yan Sau Wai
OL Supreme Lam
The Mysteries of Love Chiang Wai-chu (Victoria)
Can't Buy Me Love Mai Yan-che
Twilight Investigation Leung Wai-kuen
2010-2011 Links to Temptation Ho Hoon
2011 A Great Way to Care Kun's mother
The Rippling Blossom Hong Sau-hing
Dropping by Cloud Nine Mrs. Chu
Relic of an Emissary Consort Ong
The Other Truth Tsui Siu-mei
Lives of Omission Laura Law Hiu-ling
Forensic Heroes III Cheung Fung-ping
2012 Let It Be Love Ho Chun Kiu
The Hippocratic Crush Sze Yuk Lan
Three Kingdoms RPG Lady Choi Nominated - Best Supporting Actress
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles Koo Sam-lan Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Leading Actress
2012-2013 Friendly Fire Helen Man Ying
2013 Inbound Troubles Mary
A Great Way to Care II Au-Leung Fung Yuk
Come Home Love Lung Kiu
But Yiu Tze
Always and Ever Hon Dan
Will Power Ching Shuk-hing
The Hippocratic Crush II Sze Yuk-lan
2014 Outbound Love Dou Wai-sum
Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain Empress Dowager Gung Shun-bik
Rear Mirror Elaine Fong
Line Walker Rose Fung
Come On, Cousin Barbara
2015 Madam Cutie On Duty Ga May Yung
Raising the Bar Holly's mother
Romantic Repertoire Yim Ka-lai
With or Without You The empress dowager
Angel In-the-Making Lorna Dai

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