List of mayors of Virginia Beach, Virginia

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These are the people who have served as the mayors of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

List of Mayors[edit]

Mayor Years in office
B. P. Holland 1906–1908
Emerson Land 1908–1910
W. J. Wright 1910–1913
Charles E. Barco 1916–1920
Herman Drinkwater 1920–1924
W. R. Ashburn 1924–1928
Roy Smith 1928–1940
W.W. Elliot 1940–1946
H.W. Leeke 1946–1948
W. F. Patton 1948–1952
P. F. Murray 1952–1954
Frank A. Dusch 1954–1970
Donald H. Rhodes 1970–1972
Robert Cromwell 1972–1974
J. Curtis Payne 1974–1976
Clarence A. Holland 1976–1978
Patrick L. Standing 1978–1980
Joseph Henry McCoy, Jr. 1980–1982
Louis R. Jones 1982–1984
Harold Heischober 1984–1986
Robert G. Jones 1986–1988
Meyera Obendorf 1988–2008
Will Sessoms 2008–Present

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