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Me or ME usually refers to:

Me or ME may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters



East Asia
United Kingdom
United States


Other uses in music

  • ME (band), formerly [Me], an Australian rock group
  • Me, a solfège syllable, for a note of the third scale degree

Other media




  • La Mé, a region in Lagunes District, Ivory Coast
  • Maine (U.S. postal abbreviation and ISO 3166-2 code), a US state
  • ME postcode area, a group of postal districts around Medway, Kent, England
  • Middle East, a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia and Egypt
  • Montenegro (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code), a country


  • Me (mythology), a decree of the gods in Sumerian religion
  • Methodist Episcopal Church, the first Methodist denomination founded in the United States
  • Me (메), an honorific form of bap, Korean food offered to the deceased in the ancestral rites

Science and technology


  • .me, the top-level Internet domain for Montenegro
  • Me (computer science), a keyword in some programming languages
  • Windows ME, a computer operating system
  • MobileMe or, a subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc.
  • Intel Management Engine (ME), firmware and software that runs on all modern Intel CPUs at a higher level than user-facing operating system
  • Mix/Effects (M/E), a section of a vision mixer


Other uses

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