Melodifestivalen 1962

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Melodifestivalen 1962
Final 13 February 1962
Venue Cirkus, Stockholm
Presenter(s) Bengt Feldreich
Voting system Postcard voting
Winning song "Sol och vår" by Inger Berggren/Lily Berglund

Melodifestivalen 1962 (known as Eurovisionsschlagern, svensk final) was the selection for the fifth song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the fourth time that this system of picking a song had been used. One singer performed the song with a large orchestra and one with a smaller orchestra. Seven songs were submitted to SVT for the competition, of which one was disqualified. The final was broadcast on Sveriges Radio TV but was not broadcast on radio. Inger Berggren performed "Sol och vår" at Eurovision.


Place Artist1 Artist2 Song Songwriters Votes
1st Inger Berggren Lily Berglund "Sol och vår" Ulf Källqvist, Åke Gerhard 102,327
2nd Monica Zetterlund Carli Tornehave "När min vän" Owe Thörnqvist 74,077
3rd Carli Thornehave Otto Brandenburg "Anne-Li" Per Lindqvist 13,401
4th Otto Brandenburg Östen Warnebring "Lolo-Lolita" Bobbie Ericson, Bo Eneby 11,848
5th Lily Berglund Inger Berggren "Sagans underbara värld" Britt Lindeborg 6,885
6th Östen Warnebring Mona Grain "Trollen ska trivas" Ulf Peder Olrog 4,001
  • 1: Performer with large orchestra
  • 2: Performer with smaller orchestra

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