Mercury M-Series

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Mercury M-Series
Unrestored 1949 Mercury M47 ½ Ton
Manufacturer Mercury (Ford)
Production 1946–1968
Body and chassis
Class Full-size pickup truck
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Front engine, four-wheel drive
Successor Ford F-Series (1967–1972)
1949 Mercury M-Series

The Mercury M-Series is a pickup truck that was produced between 1946 and 1968 by Mercury, primarily for the Canadian market. Early versions often came with a higher output (CM-1 designated) Mercury/Ford flathead V8 engine over and above the unique Mercury-specific grille, badging and trim that adorned every Mercury M-Series truck.

The M-Series was introduced in Canada because smaller communities either had a Ford dealer or a Lincoln-Mercury-Meteor dealer, but not both; a Mercury truck line offered more opportunities for truck sales.

Pickup trucks[edit]

1968 Mercury M100. 1968 Was the last year for Mercury Trucks.
1966 Mercury M-150

Between 1948 and 1968, Ford of Canada used the "F" prefix for Ford and "M" for Mercury. From 1948-1950 nominal tonnage ratings were replaced by a series designation in which the numbers indicate the GVWR when equipped with tires of appropriate capacity. Each code number is arrived at by dividing the GVWR of the series by 100. Thus an F-47 (M-47) indicates a GVWR of 4700 lbs., F-135 (M-135) indicates 13500 lbs., etc. Each truck series is rated to its GVWR. In 1951-52 Ford of Canada got back in step with Ford USA with F-1 (M-1), F-2 (M-2) etc. (GVWR = gross vehicle weight rating - weight of chassis, cab and body, plus payload)

Other Mercury trucks[edit]

1965 Mercury Econoline EM-100 pickup
1964 Mercury M700 flatbed towtruck

Alongside the re-badged Ford F-Series pickup trucks, Mercury sold its own versions of the Ford medium-duty trucks, the B-Series bus chassis, and the C-Series cabover. The first generation of the Ford Econoline was also available as a Mercury. Similarly, the first generation Ford Ranchero was also sold under the Meteor marque in Canada.

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