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Merited Artist of Albania (Albanian: Artist i Merituar) was a state honorary title for the decoration of outstanding art performers of People's Socialist Republic of Albania. It was created by law in 1960 and amended in 1980. The title was no longer given in Albania after the law was amended in 1996.[1][2][3]


The title is the state award of Albania that was given for the personal merit in Albania to the citizens that worked in their respective artistic field as a rule of no less than ten (10) years obtaining high on-the-job achievements and professional mastery.


The title was awarded by the President of Albania. It was given to citizens of Albania, foreigners, and persons with no citizenship. This title was lower than the People's Artist of Albania which could only be awarded ten (10) years after obtaining the Merited Artist of Albania. This title was not awarded posthumously.

Title Recipients[edit]

The Merited Artist of Albania title could only be awarded to motion picture directors; actors of theatres, films, and circus; singers; members of professional ensembles and chorus'; orchestral conductors; composers; musicians; TV and Radio network broadcasters for their highly executed mastery, creating a highly artistic images, performances, motion movies that became a property of the native culturally artistic heritage.

The recipients were also awarded a badge and a certificate. The presentation was conducted publicly. To be noted that all the People's Artist of Albania were recipients of the Merited Artist of Albania recognition first. Past recipients of the Merited Artist of Albania recognition include the following (by field of merit):



Composers and music directors[edit]

Theater and cinematography[edit]





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