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This article is about pubic wig. For other uses, see Merkin (disambiguation).
A merkin used at Burning Man

A merkin is a pubic wig. Merkins were originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia, and are now used as decorative items, erotic devices, or in films, by both men and women. The female version is usually made of fur, beaver pelts, linen or some soft version of cloth, while the male version is usually made of loops, chains, or metal, and is much more closely related to the codpiece.[citation needed]

History and etymology[edit]

The Oxford Companion to the Body dates the origin of the pubic wig to the 1450s. According to the publication, women would shave their pubic hair for personal hygiene and to combat pubic lice. They would then don a merkin. Also, prostitutes would wear a merkin to cover up signs of disease, such as syphilis.[1][2]

It has also been suggested that when male actors played female parts onstage, they would cover their genitals with a merkin so they could pose as women in nude scenes.[3]

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first written use of the term to 1617. The word probably originated from malkin,[4][5] a derogatory term for a lower-class young woman, or from Marykin, a pet form of the female given name Mary.[5]

Contemporary use[edit]

In Hollywood film making, merkins can be worn by actors and actresses to avoid inadvertent exposure of the genitalia during nude or semi-nude scenes. With the merkin in place, brief flashes of the crotch can be used if necessary. The presence of the merkin protects the actor from inadvertently performing "full-frontal" nudity — some contracts specifically require that nipples and genitals be covered in some way — which can help ensure that the film achieves a less restrictive MPAA rating.[6]

A merkin may also be used when the actor has less pubic hair than is required, as in the nude dancing extras in The Bank Job. Amy Landecker wore a merkin in A Serious Man (2009) for a nude sunbathing scene when bikini waxing was not common for 1967 when the film is set.[7][8]

  • Lucy Lawless was fitted for a merkin for the 2010 TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand but did not actually use it.[9]
  • In an interview for Allure, Kate Winslet related how she refused to wear a merkin in The Reader.[8][10]
  • At the São Paulo Fashion Week in 2010, the design firm Neon dressed a nude model in transparent plastic. According to the designer, the model wore a pubic wig to make her appear more natural.[11]
  • In the director's audio commentary of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, director David Fincher discussed how a merkin was utilized for actress Rooney Mara, after she suggested to him that the character she portrayed in the movie was a natural red head in the book and actually dyed her hair black. Consequently, the merkin she wore was made in the color red. For the release of the movie in Japan, Fincher stated: "I believe in Japan we had to put a mosaic over it because fake pubes are considered to be... nasty."[12][13]


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