Mesotrophic grasslands in the British National Vegetation Classification system

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The mesotrophic grassland communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system were described in Volume 3 of British Plant Communities, first published in 1992, along with the calcicolous grassland communities and the calcifugous grasslands and montane communities.

In total, 13 mesotrophic grassland communities have been identified:

  • two communities in which False Oat-grass is the characteristic grass species (one of these, community MG1, is widespread throughout Britain; the other, MG2, is confined to northern England).
  • four communities of well-drained permanent pastures and meadows, two of which (MG5 and MG6) are widespread and the other two (MG3 and MG4) more localised
  • a single community (MG7) covering a variety of widespread types of Perennial Rye-grass long-term ley
  • three widespread communities associated with poorly drained permanent pastures (MG8, MG9, MG10)
  • three grass-dominated inundation communities, one of which, MG13, is widespread, the other two, MG11 and MG12, more localised

List of mesotrophic grassland communities[edit]

The following is a list of the communities that make up this category: