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Michael Ellsberg
Born (1977-05-12) May 12, 1977 (age 39)
San Francisco
Occupation Author, Journalist
Genres Nonfiction
Spouse Jena la Flamme (2014)

Michael Ellsberg is an American author, blogger, and public speaker.[1][non-primary source needed][2][non-primary source needed] In 2011, he published The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late.

Personal life[edit]

Ellsberg was born in San Francisco to Daniel and Patricia Marx Ellsberg;[3][non-primary source needed][4][not in citation given] his maternal grandfather was American toy maker Louis Marx. He grew up in Berkeley, and attended Deerfield Academy.[3][non-primary source needed] He received a degree in International Relations from Brown University in 1999.[5] Ellsberg was married to Jena la Flamme, but divorced in 2014.[6]

Writing career[edit]

His first book, The Power of Eye Contact: Your Secret for Success in Business, Love, and Life, was published in 2010.[7][non-primary source needed][8] His second book, The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late, was published in 2011. For this book, Ellsberg interviewed millionaires and billionaires who do not have college degrees (including Matt Mullenweg, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Sean Parker, and Marc Ecko). The book was profiled in Time Magazine, who called the book an "assault on higher education", and in the New York Times.[9][10][non-primary source needed]

Ellsberg also writes for Forbes.[11][non-primary source needed]

Other projects[edit]

Ellsberg is credited for inventing "eye-gazing parties," a craze in 2010 where participants stare deeply into each other's eyes and follow up if they feel they made a connection.[12][13][14][15] He is also a book editor and has spoken at Google and Peter Thiel's Fellow Retreat.[2][non-primary source needed][13][16][17][non-primary source needed]


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