Mid-India Yearly Meeting

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Mid-India Yearly Meeting
Classification Quaker
Associations Friends World Committee for Consultation
Region Madhya Pradesh, India
Hoshangabad, India
Congregations 6
Primary schools 4

Mid-India Yearly Meeting is a yearly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Madhya Pradesh state in mid-India.[1] Quakerism came to mid-India as a result of missionaries from London Yearly Meeting who were members of the Friends Foreign Mission Association.[2] Missions were established in Mid-India in 1866 by the Friends Foreign Mission Association.[3] Mid-India Yearly Meeting was founded as an independent yearly meeting in 1907 in Hoshangabad.[4]

There are six monthly meetings in Mid-India Yearly Meeting: Hoshangabad Friends Meeting, Itarsi Friends Meeting, Kheda Friends Meeting (also in Itarsi), Sohagpur Friends Meeting, Seoni Malwa Friends Meeting and Makoriya Friends Meeting.[4] There are three schools in Itarsi which were founded and still run by Friends, but which now belong to the Indian government.[4] There is also the Sohugpur Friends' Girls' School which was founded by Friends and continues to be run by Mid-India Yearly Meeting Friends.[4]

In 2002, Mid-India Yearly Meeting published a Hindi language version of Britain Yearly Meeting's Advices and Queries, the part of British Quaker Faith and Practice.[5]

It is affiliated to Friends World Committee for Consultation.[1][6]


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