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Mike Marciano
OccupationAudio engineer

Mike Marciano is a two-time Grammy Award-winning audio engineer and multi-platinum and gold record award recipient who started his career in 1980, working exclusively at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Early in his career, he worked with many well-known rock and heavy metal groups, including Type O Negative, Carnivore, Agnostic Front, Life of Agony. Many of his hardcore and metal credits are noted in Encyclopaedia Metallum.[1] His work with Type O Negative was used in multiple movie soundtracks and other media. Since the early 90s, he has worked with some of the top musicians in the jazz field, including jazz greats like Wynton Marsalis (and his Grammy-nominated “Joe Cool’s Blues”), Clark Terry,[2] Elvin Jones,[3] and Steve Coleman. His work with Don Braden was used as the theme song for Cosby.[4]

In 2011, he received his first Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album "The Mosaic Project" by Terri Lynne Carrington. Then, in 2013 he received his second Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album, "Money Jungle-Provocative in Blue," by Terri Lynne Carrington.[5] His work on "Impromptu" by the Rodriguez Brothers was nominated for a Grammy award in 2016. His work on Madera Latino by Brian Lynch was also nominated for a Grammy in 2017.

In 2018, two additional projects that Marciano engineered were nominated for Grammy's ("Tipico" by Miguel Zenón and "Art of the Arrangement" by Doug Beavers[6]).

Mike's work on "Happened, Happening" by Yuying Hsu [7] won a Golden Melody Award for Best Instrumental Recording Album - Technical Category. [8]

Marciano recorded In for a Penny, In for a Pound by Henry Threadgill, which received a Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2016.[9]

He continues his career at Systems Two Recording Studio recording, mixing, and mastering jazz albums.

Mike has over 1,300 recording credits.[10] [11]

Gold and Platinum RIAA Certified Awards[edit]

Recorded Work Used On Movie Soundtracks[edit]

Recorded Work Used in Other Media[edit]

Other Awards[edit]

  • Happened, Happening by Yuying Hsu [13]: Golden Melody Award for Best Instrumental Recording Album - Technical Category


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