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Milieu is a social environment. The term may also refer to:


  • Milieu (organized crime in France), a category of organized criminals operating in France
  • Milieu en Natuur Planbureau (The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, abbr. PBL), a Dutch research institute that advises the Dutch government on environmental policy and regional planning issues
  • Milieudefensie (Dutch for "environmental defense"), a Dutch environmental organization


Other uses[edit]

  • Milieu control, a term popularized by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton to describe tactics that control environment and human communication through the use of social pressure and group language
  • Milieu intérieur or interior milieu (the environment within), a phrase coined by Claude Bernard to refer to the extra-cellular fluid environment, more particularly the interstitial fluid, and its physiological capacity to ensure protective stability for the tissues and organs of multi-cellular living organisms
  • Milieu therapy, a form of psychotherapy that involves the use of therapeutic communities