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Coordinates: 49°56′9″N 107°27′26″W / 49.93583°N 107.45722°W / 49.93583; -107.45722

Millar College of the Bible
(Millar Memorial Bible Institute)
Web sign
Type Private
Established November 10, 1944
Affiliation Christian
Location Canada Pambrun, Saskatchewan, Canada
Campus Rural

Millar College of the Bible (formally called the Millar Memorial Bible Institute in its act of incorporation) is a post secondary institution established in 1932,[1] and recognized by the government of Saskatchewan as an educational institution in 1944.[2] The school is a private nonprofit institution recognized under a private act offering post secondary education.[3]


Originally established as the Millar Memorial Bible Institute by William Dickson and Herbert W. Peeler both of Pambrun and Charles Williamson of Glen Bain, the school was to train workers for vocational and non-vocational Evangelical ministry in Western Canada and overseas.[2]


The "home" campus in Pambrun, Saskatchewan has 7 main buildings including:[4]

  • Administration building
  • Dickson Hall (staff/faculty office building)
  • Student Centre (with dining hall, chapel, student lounge and library)
  • David Pollard Fine Arts Centre (music and drama)
  • Gymnasium
  • Ladies' residence
  • Two men's residences

Also of note:

  • Outdoor rink
  • Soccer field

In the fall of 2012, an extension campus was established in partnership with Sunnybrae Bible Camp in Tappen, BC. This campus maintains the same values, goals and core program as the Saskatchewan campus, while offering unique opportunities the location affords, including skiing, water sports, and service with the local volunteer fire department.[5]


The college offers the one year Impact Certificate and the two year Christian Ministry Diploma. The Bachelor of Biblical Studies takes three years to complete and the Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Ministries takes four years.[6]


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