Mimosa salad

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Mimosa salad
Mimoza salat e-citizen.jpg
Region or stateSoviet Union
Associated national cuisineRussia
Main ingredientsCanned fish, boiled eggs, grated cheese, onion, mayonnaise

Mimosa salad (Russian: сала́т мимо́за) is a festive salad, whose main ingredients are cheese, eggs, canned fish, onion, and mayonnaise. Mimosa salad got its name because of its reminiscence of "mimosa", spring flowers, scattered on the snow. The similarity is achieved by crumbling and scattering boiled egg yolk on the surface. The salad's popularity in the USSR (and nowadays in the post-Soviet states) has led to the emergence of a wide variety of recipes.[1][2]


A classic recipe is to layer ingredients, in a bowl, with mayonnaise in-between layers. Typical ingredients include:

  • Canned fish, drained, de-boned, mashed. Common sorts are salmon, pacific saury, mackerel, or trout;[3]
  • Hard cheese, finely crumbled, sprinkled;
  • Boiled egg whites, coarsely grated, sprinkled. Sometimes the egg yolks, without the whites, are used.[3] Sometimes entire hard boiled eggs are used.[4]
  • Boiled egg yolks, finely crumbled boiled, sprinkled on top;
  • Onion, finely chopped, sprinkled;
  • Mayonnaise.

Further ingredients may include:

  • Butter, coarsely grated, frozen, sprinkled;
  • Boiled potatoes, coarsely grated, sprinkled;[3]
  • Boiled carrots, coarsely grated, sprinkled.

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