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Mintel Group Ltd
IndustryMarket Research
Areas served
Key people
Nicholas Berry (Owner)
John Weeks (Chairman)
Peter Haigh (Group CEO)[1]

Mintel Group Ltd is a privately owned, London-based market research firm. The corporation also maintains offices in Chicago, New York City, Mumbai, Belfast, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. Mintel databases, analysis, and forecasts are accessible only to subscribing clients and to students in participating university libraries.


Year Event


Mintel is established in London[2]


The first edition of Mintel’s flagship report, British Lifestyles, is launched[3]


Mintel becomes the first market research supplier to provide access online


Mintel acquires New Product News magazine

Chicago office is opened

Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) is launched in the United States


Mintel acquires American Mailbox Monitor

Mintel Comperemedia is launched in the United States


Mintel is awarded UK Business Superbrand status for the first time (Mintel has maintained this status through 2008

Mintel opens Australian office in Sydney[4]


Mintel acquires CIG (Corporate Intelligence Group)

Mintel publishes its first European and US market research reports


Mintel Comperemedia begins tracking mail sent to United States insurance brokers and investment brokers


Mintel Menu Insights is launched[5]

Mintel receives British American Chamber of Commerce Award: Customer Focus and Innovation

Mintel Premier is launched, providing market research data in an expanded online interface[6]


Mintel partners with US credit bureaus to track credit card offers according to credit score

Mintel acquires Paris-based Cosmetic Research, adding high-end cosmetics to its Global New Products Database


Mintel Comperemedia launches email panel and begins tracking trends and strategies in email marketing


Mintel launches Mintel Oxygen and Mintel Inspire[7] pairing market research with editorial on major market trends and future developments

Mintel partners with Information Resources, Inc. to create Mintel GNPD IRIS, monitoring successes and failures in sales of new products[8]

Mintel opens Chinese office in Shanghai[4]


Mintel Beauty Innovation is launched. Mintel acquires Snapshots. Mintel opens Tokyo office[4]


Mintel Global Market Navigator (GMN) is launched[4]


Mintel Food & Drink is launched[4]


Mintel Beauty & Personal Care is launched.


Mintel Comperemedia tracks direct mail and print advertising in the United States and Canada, and email marketing in the United States. This Web-based tool tracks trends and strategies in industries such as credit cards, telecom, banking, insurance, travel and investments. Added in November 2006, Mintel Comperemedia's Email Panel shows emails as they appear in consumers' inboxes.Added in 2010, Mintel Comperemedia tracks online advertising as part of its digital channel.[9]

Mintel Global Market Sizes shares and forecasts data for thousands of consumer goods markets worldwide.

Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) is an online database of new fast-moving consumer goods, also known as consumer packaged goods. Over one million records from more than 50 countries provide product ingredients, nutrition facts, packaging, distribution and pricing information.

Added in 2007, Mintel GNPD IRIS allows users to differentiate successful and unsuccessful product launches.[10]

Mintel Menu Insights tracks items on US restaurant menus, including chains, independent restaurants, top chefs, beverage-focused restaurants and buffet restaurants. The data reveals trends in food flavors, ingredients and preparation.[5]

Mintel Reports publishes online reports containing consumer research and analysis; market drivers, size, structure, and segmentation; and market forecasts and is a delivery platform focusing on opinions from Mintel analysts.

Mintel Trends[7] tracks emerging marketing, social and cultural trends, commenting on areas Mintel believes hold potential for sales success.

Mintel Research Consultancy creates bespoke and confidential research for individual clients, including worldwide product retrieval, quality assurance, retail audits, mystery shopping, category assessment and custom consumer research.

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