Modern French shield

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Diagram of a Samnite shield.
quartered in saltire silver and black

The shield samnitic, also called Modern French shield, appears in the 16th c. is a shield of rectangular shape whose lower corners are rounded as arcs of a circle with a radius of half module. According to some authors it is normally 8 modules high and 7 wide, as the tournament shield, while others report a height of 9 modules and width of 7. The center of the lower side is provided with a tip formed by two arcs of a circle of radius also of the middle module. This shield is also frequently used in heraldry Spanish along with the Spanish shield: some authors, such as the Marquis of Avilés, reported the proportion of a height of 6 modules to 5 modules wide for standard Spanish. The Samnite shield has also been adopted as the official support civic heraldry and Italian military and in this case its official size is 9 × 7.[1]


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