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Mahendravarman I, Khmer: មហេន្ទ្រវរ្ម័ន ទី ១
PredecessorBhavavarman I, Khmer: ភវវរ្ម័ន ទី ១
SuccessorIsanavarman I, Khmer: ឦសានវរ្ម័ន ទី ១
Died611 (2019-02-09UTC01:14:20)
Full name
FatherViravarman, Khmer: វីរវរ្ម័ន
Angkor Wat, Khmer Empire

Mahendravarman (Khmer: មហេន្ទ្រវរ្ម័ន, vraḥ kamrateṅ añ Śrī Mahendravarmma in Pre-Angkorian Khmer: វ្រះកម្រតេង៑អញ៑ឝ្រីមហេន្ទ្រវម៌្ម; also titled Citrasena Khmer: ចិត្រសេន) was a king of the kingdom of Chenla, modern day Cambodia, during the 6th century. Chenla was the direct predecessor of the Khmer empire. Citrasena was a close relative of Bhavavarman I ( Khmer: ភវវរ្ម័ន ទី ១), whom he joined to conquer the Kingdom of Funan, and whom he succeeded as king and adopting the name Mahendravarman.[1][2] After Bhavavarman's death, Mahendravarman took residence in the capital at Sambor Prei Kuk while the same time Hiraṇyavarman Khmer: ហិរណ្យវរ្ម័ន) was ruling Cambodia.

Mahendravarman sent an ambassador to Champa to "ensure friendship between the two countries."[1]:326[2]:69

After the death of Mahendravarman, his son Īśānavarman[2]:69 (Khmer: ឦសានវរ្ម័ន, Pre-Angkorian Khmer: ឦឝានវម៌្ម) had taken the control of the kingdom, where his father ruled for several years. He ruled the kingdom until 628.

Sons of Īśānavarman[edit]

  1. Śivadatta Khmer: ឝិវទត្ត, mod. Khmer: សិវទត្ត
  2. Īsvarakumāra Khmer: ឦឝ្វរកុមារ, mod. Khmer: ឦស្វរកុមារ or ឥសូរកុមារ
  3. Yuvarāja Khmer: យុវរាជ) (Crown Prince) - Name not identified from historical records


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Preceded by
Bhavavarman I
king of Chenla
Succeeded by
Isanavarman I