Ponhea Yat

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Ponhea Yat
Barom Reachea II
King of Cambodia
PredecessorThoma Saok
SuccessorNarayana Reachea
Died1466 (aged 70)
IssueNarayana Reachea
Srey Reachea
Thoma Reachea

Ponhea Yat (Khmer: ពញាយ៉ាត pronounced [pɔː.ɲiə.jaːt]; Thai: พญาญาติ, RTGSPhaya Yat; 1396–1466), also known as Barom Reachea II (Khmer: បរមរាជាទី២ pronounced [ɓɑː.rɔːm.riə.ˈciə tiː piː]; Thai: บรมราชาที่ ๒, RTGSBorommaracha Thi Song), was the last king of the Khmer Empire. He was a son of Khamkhat.

He dispatched Kun Si-li Ren-nong-la to visit China.[1]

Chau Ponea Yat complained to the Yongle Emperor in 1408 and 1414 of raids by the Champa King Jaya Simhavarman V.[2]:114,218

He was forced to flee Yasodharapura in 1431 as indefensible against the Siamese, resettling first in Basan (Srey Santhor), and after that became flooded, to Chaktomuk (now part of Phnom Penh).[3]:236–237

In Phnom Penh, the king ordered the land to be built up to protect it from flooding, and a palace to be built. During his reign King Ponhea Yat also ordered the construction of six Buddhist monasteries around the city, and his remains are housed in a stupa behind the Wat Phnom.

King Ponhea Yat was succeeded on his death by his first son Narayana Reachea, who reigned until 1469 and who was succeeded in turn by Ponhea Yat's second son, Srey Reachea.

Stupa of Ponhea Yat at Wat Phnom.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Thoma Saok
King of the Khmer Empire
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Thoma Saok
King of Cambodia
Succeeded by
Narayana Racha