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Molecular Devices
Industry R&D
Founded 1983
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California
Parent Danaher

Molecular Devices, LLC is a supplier of high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems that accelerate and improve drug discovery and other life sciences research.

Company history[edit]

Founded in 1983, Molecular Devices introduced its first microplate reader in 1987 and since then has continually broadened its solution set through a combination of internal research and development efforts as well as strategic acquisitions. Molecular Devices acquired Universal Imaging Corporation in 2002, Axon Instruments in 2004, and Blueshift Technologies in 2008, broadening its portfolio to include electrophysiology products, scanners and analysis software for microarrays, and workstations for cell-based screening using high-resolution imaging.

In March 2007, Molecular Devices was acquired by MDS, Inc. (Toronto, Canada) and became part of MDS Analytical Technologies. In February 2010, Danaher Corporation acquired MDS Analytical Technologies, and Molecular Devices, Inc. now operates within the Danaher Medical Technologies segment.

About Molecular Devices[edit]

Molecular Devices supplies high-performance analytical systems, including instruments, software, and reagents, to accelerate and improve drug discovery and basic life science research. By providing systems that address just about any combination of throughput, content, and budget needs, Molecular Devices helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology as well as academic and government labs leverage advances in molecular, cellular, and systems science to understand normal and abnormal biological functions and discover and develop novel therapeutics and tests.

Molecular Devices products are based on proprietary core technologies that integrate expertise in engineering and biological sciences. The company has long history of developing innovative, first-to-market products that have enabled its customers to improve laboratory productivity and effectiveness.

Molecular Devices is based in Silicon Valley, CA, United States, and has regional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, China, and Japan to support the global life sciences—drug discovery and basic research—communities.

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