Mongarlowe, New South Wales

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Mongarlowe is a village in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia in Palerang Shire. It was formerly known as Little River.

Location and features[edit]

It is situated on the Mongarlowe River and about 13 km east of Braidwood. It currently has a population of around 50 but was much larger during the mid-19th century due to the New South Wales gold rush. Several buildings from this time have survived. Another population boom followed during the Depression when many returned to distill eucalyptus oil and search again for gold.

There was a proposal for a 98 lot subdivision in proximity to the village which was cancelled in 2008 under pressure from concerned residents.


Coordinates: 35°25′19″S 149°56′20″E / 35.422°S 149.939°E / -35.422; 149.939