Morgan Park Raceway

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Morgan Park Raceway
Location Warwick, Queensland
Time zone UTC +10
Coordinates 28°15′44″S 152°2′1″E / 28.26222°S 152.03361°E / -28.26222; 152.03361Coordinates: 28°15′44″S 152°2′1″E / 28.26222°S 152.03361°E / -28.26222; 152.03361
Owner Warwick District Sporting Car Club
Operator Warwick District Sporting Car Club
Opened 1969
Major events Australian Drivers' Championship
Australian Sports Sedan Series
Australian Superkart Championship
Queensland Motor Racing Championships
Circuit A
Length 0.730 km (0.453 mi)
Circuit B
Length 1.200 km (0.754 mi)
Circuit C
Length 1.000 km (0.621 mi)
Circuit D
Length 1.500 km (0.932 mi)
Circuit E
Length 2.100 km (1.304 mi)
Turns 12
Race lap record 0:58.4035 (Warren McIlveen, Stockman MR2 Honda, 2007, Superkart)
Circuit K
Length 2.967 km (1.843 mi)
Turns 12
Race lap record 1:07.948 (Calan Williams, Dallara F311, 2017, Australian Formula 3)

Morgan Park Raceway is a motorsports complex located at Old Stanthorpe Road near Warwick, in Queensland, Australia and is operated by the Warwick District Sporting Car Club Inc. The venue features a race circuit with five different layouts.

The initial 730 metre race circuit was constructed in 1968 and the first race meeting was staged in March of the following year.[1] The circuit was bitumen sealed in 1997 and an extension to 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) was subsequently undertaken.[1] A further extension to 2.1 kilometres (1.3 mi) was completed in 2002 and the venue hosted its first Queensland Motor Racing Championships round the same year.[1] In 2007 it hosted its first national championship races, the Formula Vee Nationals and the Australian Improved Production Nationals.[1]

The new 3.0-kilometre (1.9 mi) layout was first used on the weekend of 14/15 August 2010 for a round of the Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championships. This meeting featured a round of Australia's oldest motor racing championship, the Australian Drivers' Championship, which was visiting Morgan Park for the first time.

The raceway features sprint events, WDSCC Southern Downs Challenge and Queensland Super Sprint Championships, as well as being the home of the Queensland state championships for motor racing The circuit is also home to Queensland's biggest historic motor racing festival held in July or August, hosted by the Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland.

Available circuits[edit]

Not shown:

  • "Circuit A"[2]
  • "Circuit C"[2]

Existing circuits have only temporary names with permanent names chosen by fans.[2]

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