Moskovsky District, Kyrgyzstan

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The Ak-Suu River flowing from the Narzan valley into the south end of Jardy-Suu village.
The Ak-Suu River flowing from the Narzan valley into the south end of Jardy-Suu village.
Kyrgyzstan Moskva Raion.png
Country Kyrgyzstan
Province Chuy Province
Stalin District 1930
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 83,641
  de facto population
Time zone GMT +5 (UTC+5)

Moskovsky is a raion (district) of Chuy Province in northern Kyrgyzstan. The capital lies at Belovodskoye.:[2]


Moskovsky District was established as Stalin District on July 23, 1930. In 1961, it was renamed into Moskovsky District.

Towns, rural communities, and villages[edit]

In total, Moskovsky District includes 11 rural communities (aiyl okmotus). Each rural community can include one or several villages. The urban-type settlements, rural communities and villages in the Moskovsky District are:[3]

  1. Ak-Suu aiyl okmotu (center village Temen-Suu, and also villages Ak-Bashat, Ak-Torpok, Bala-Aiylchi, Keper-Aryk, Murake, and Chong-Aryk)
  2. Aleksandrovka aiyl okmotu (center - village Aleksandrovka, and also villages Besh-Oryuk, and Krupskoe)
  3. Besh-Terek aiyl okmotu (center village Besh-Terek)
  4. Belovodskoye aiyl okmotu (center - village Belovodskoye, and also village Kosh-Debe)
  5. Petrovka aiyl okmotu (center village Petrovka, and also villages Zavodskoe and Kyzyl-Tuu)
  6. Pervomay aiyl okmotu (center - village Ak-Suu)
  7. Predtechenka aiyl okmotu (center village Predtechenka, and also village An-Aryk)
  8. Sadovsky aiyl okmotu (center - village Sadovoye)
  9. Telek aiyl okmotu (center village Telek)
  10. Tselinny aiyl okmotu (center - village Ak-Molo)
  11. Chapaev aiyl okmotu (center village Spartak, and also villages Ak-Seok, and Malovodnoye)


Coordinates: 42°49′44″N 74°07′24″E / 42.829006°N 74.123346°E / 42.829006; 74.123346