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Moss (video game).png
Composer(s)Jason Graves
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Oculus Quest
  • WW: February 27, 2018
  • WW: June 7, 2018
Genre(s)Adventure, puzzle

Moss is a virtual reality adventure game developed and published by American video game development studio Polyarc. The game is presented from a blend of first-person and third-person perspectives, with a primary focus on solving puzzles. Moss was released for the PlayStation 4 in February 2018.[1][2] In June, a PC version featuring high-resolution graphics was released.[3]

A sequel, Moss: Book 2, was announced by Polyarc during Sony's State of Play in 2021.[4]


While in a library, the reader finds an old book. As they flip through pages, the reader is transported to a fantasy land contained within the book. The reader meets Quill, a young mouse, and begins an adventure. The kingdom where Quill lives has been overthrown by Sarffog, a fire-breathing snake. After Quill's uncle is captured, the reader guides Quill on an adventure to defeat Sarffog and save her uncle.[5][6]


Moss is an adventure game viewed from the first-person perspective using the VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PSVR) headset. The player is shown in the game as a masked face and orb. Unlike most games, Quill is aware of the player. The player controls Quill, navigating environments and battling enemies. The player also can manipulate the environment to navigate obstacles and solve puzzles.[6] Quill communicates with the player through the use of American Sign Language (ASL) for puzzle hints and emotional responses.[7][8]

The player can change positions to have different perspectives of the world, leaning to see around buildings or standing up and getting an aerial view. There are collectible scrolls that only can be found by changing positions and exploring parts of the world that normally cannot be seen.[9]

On May 21, 2019, a free DLC with additional environments, challenges, storytelling, new puzzles, combat, and weaponry was released.[10]


According to Metacritic, Moss has received generally favorable reviews.[11] In reviews, both Digital Trends and VentureBeat praised the interaction with Quill and the world design. Both also stated that the game length was on the short side.[9][5]

In a 2017 article, Mike Fahey of Kotaku noted the positive response to Quill's design and use of sign language.[19]

On August 3, 2018, video game record label Materia Collective released the soundtrack digitally, as well as on compact disc and vinyl.[20]


Year Award Category Result Ref
2017 Game Critics Awards Best VR Game Nominated [21]
2018 The Independent Game Developers' Association Awards Best Action and Adventure Game Nominated [22][23]
Best Start-up Nominated
Golden Joystick Awards Best VR Game Nominated [24][25]
PlayStation Game of the Year Nominated
The Game Awards 2018 Best VR/AR Game Nominated [26]
Best Debut Indie Game Nominated
Gamers' Choice Awards Fan Favorite VR Game Nominated [27]
2019 New York Game Awards Central Park Children's Zoo Award for Best Kids Game Nominated [28]
Coney Island Dreamland Award for Best Virtual Reality Game Nominated
46th Annie Awards Best Virtual Reality Production Nominated [29]
Character Animation in a Video Game Nominated
D.I.C.E. Awards Outstanding Achievement in Animation Nominated [30]
Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design Nominated
Immersive Reality Game of the Year Nominated
National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards Control Design, VR Won [31][32]
Direction in Virtual Reality Won
Sound Mixing in Virtual Reality Nominated
SXSW Gaming Awards VR Game of the Year Nominated [33]
Independent Games Festival Awards Excellence in Audio Nominated [34]
Game Developers Choice Awards Best Debut (Polyarc) Nominated [35]
Best VR/AR Game Nominated
2019 G.A.N.G. Awards Audio of the Year Nominated [36][37]
Music of the Year Nominated
Sound Design of the Year Nominated
Best Dialogue Nominated
Best Original Instrumental ("Legends Old and New") Nominated
Best Original Song ("Home to Me") Nominated
Best Sound Design for an Indie Game Won
Best Music for an Indie Game Won
Best VR Audio Won
15th British Academy Games Awards Game Innovation Nominated [38]
Original Property Nominated


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