Mount Auburn Hospital

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Mount Auburn Hospital
Caregroup Healthcare System
Mount Auburn Hospital.jpg
Main Entrance from Mount Auburn Street
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Coordinates 42°22′28″N 71°08′02″W / 42.374414°N 71.133776°W / 42.374414; -71.133776Coordinates: 42°22′28″N 71°08′02″W / 42.374414°N 71.133776°W / 42.374414; -71.133776
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university Harvard Medical School


Occupancy Rate = 76%
Founded 1886
Lists Hospitals in Massachusetts

Mount Auburn Hospital is a hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.[1] Originally founded by Civil War nurse and administrator Emily Elizabeth Parsons as the first hospital in Cambridge in 1866,[2] it was reopened in 1886 and until 1947 was known as Cambridge Hospital.[3]

Mount Auburn Hospital's first building, the Parsons Building, built 1886

Notable births[edit]

Notable deaths[edit]

Radiology Department[edit]

The Department of Radiology was founded by Dr. Richard Schatzki. He was the first to describe the most common cause of difficulty swallowing, now known as the Schatzki ring. The department has an active radiology residency program.


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