Bulgaria for Citizens Movement

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Movement "Bulgaria of the Citizens"
Движение „България на гражданите“
Dvizhenie „Bulgariya na grazhdanite“
Leader Meglena Kuneva
Founded 1 July 2012
Headquarters Sofia
Ideology Centrism[1]
Political position Centre[1]
National affiliation Reformist Bloc
Colours Blue and Green
National Assembly
0 / 240
European Parliament
0 / 17

Bulgaria for Citizens Movement (Bulgarian: Движение „България на гражданите“, Dvizhenie „Bulgariya na grazhdanite“; "Movement 'Bulgaria of the Citizens'") is a political party in Bulgaria, founded by former European Commissioner and National Movement for Stability and Progress member Meglena Kuneva on July 1, 2012.

Party Platform[edit]

The party has identified three key planks on which they will run the 2013 election.

The first plank, entitled “The Citizen” aims at bringing in more control mechanisms on power, removing obstacles from holding referendums at a local level and steps towards the adoption of a new constitution.

The second plank, entitled “The Economy” describes the party’s dedication towards the growth and stability of the economy. The party is also preparing to bring in “real” reforms in health care, education and old age pensions. The party wishes to return the economy to its pre-2009 level and guide the economy towards above-average EU growth.

The third plank, entitled “Bulgaria of the Future” aims at a radical reform of the judiciary. It calls for the direct election of Supreme Court judges as well as the removal of the prosecution from the justice system.[2]

List of chairmen[edit]

Meglena Kuneva (2012–Present)


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