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Type of site
Video on demand website
Available inGerman, English, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese
RevenueBanner ads
Alexa rankSteady 656 (August 2014)
Current statusOnline (in proxy), was a user-contributed video directory for television programs and films. It is an aggregation-website acting as a search index for online videos. In May 2013, was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) due to copyright infringement concerns, but morphed into another shortly after. It primarily serves English and German-speaking areas. However, the site is also no longer accessible in the UK,[1] Denmark,[2] and customers of some ISPs in Austria[3][4][5][6] due to ISPs blocking the site.


In 2011, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) classified as a "notorious market" for piracy in a letter to the United States House of Representatives. The federal government of the United States had intentions to shut down video directories, such as; however, some of these proposals were hindered because of their foreign headquarters. was based in Romania at this time.[7] Two years later, on May 29, 2013, the website was unexpectedly shut down by the MPAA because of a court order. Initial claims asserted that the operators were caught. The website had already been blocked earlier that month in the United Kingdom by major ISPs due to copyright infringement concerns.[8]

Shortly after its closure, there are possibilities that another website,, would launch. Investigation began when the website was redirected to another page labeled with a short note. The IP address, edited significantly on May 30, 2013 shortly after's closure, was registered to a server in the British Virgin Islands. It was initially created in 2011, but was never used until 2013.[9] On June 1, 2013, morphed into[10] The developers released a statement regarding the closure of, on their website. They criticized the laws of piracy, claiming that it does not compare to a violent crime as police make it seem, in their opinion. They also criticized how the act was money driven, saying "[according to current laws] money is way more important than a unique human life." Several people were angered by the initial closure by the MPAA.[11]


The website provides a detailing listing of television programs and films, and aggregates the media content available on the Internet. does not host any content, and instead acts as a search index for streaming sources. The directory supports user-submitted links by registered editors. It is available in German, English and Russian. Another function of the site is that of a site guide or directory. contains a comprehensive directory of video websites, mostly on the television and film pages.[12]

As of May 2013, the website is the 202nd most popular website in the world, with a major effect in Germany, where it is ranked as among the 20 German websites with the most viewers,[13] making it more popular than Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, iTunes, and Twitter, according to Alexa Internet.[14] It is the largest streaming portal in the country. The present version from June 2013 has been ranked 63,540 most viewed in Germany since its initial debut.[15]


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