Mr. Zhao

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Mr. Zhao
Mr Zhao DVDCover.jpg
Traditional 趙先生
Simplified 赵先生
Mandarin Zhào Xiānshēng
Directed by Lü Yue
Produced by Yang Hongguang, Liu Xiaodian
Written by Lü Yue
Shu Ping
Starring Shi Jingming
Chen Yinan
Zhang Zhihua
Music by Wu Gang
Cinematography Wang Tianlin
Edited by Zhai Rui
Release dates
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Running time
89 minutes
Language Mandarin

Mr. Zhao (simplified Chinese: 赵先生; traditional Chinese: 趙先生; pinyin: Zhào Xiānshēng) is a 1998 Chinese dark comedy film. It is the directorial debut of Lü Yue, already a well-established cinematographer for director Zhang Yimou.

Mr. Zhao tells the story of a philandering doctor living in Shanghai. His infidelity gets the best of him, however, when his mistress Tian Jing (Chen Yinan) announces she is pregnant, while his wife learns of his affair but refuses to grant a divorce.


  • Shi Jingming as the titular Mr. Zhao, a teacher of Chinese medicine.
  • Zhang Zhihua as his wife, a factory worker.
  • Chen Yinan as Tian Jing, his student and now pregnant mistress.


Mr. Zhao won the 1998 Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.[1]

The film was also entered into competition at the 1999 Hong Kong International Film Festival and the 1998 AFI Fest in Los Angeles.[2]


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