Munnuru Kapu

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Munnuru Kapu
LanguagesTelugu, Kannada

Munnuru Kapu is a caste in Telangana, India. Prior to the establishment of Telangana as a state separate from that of Andhra Pradesh, of which previously it had been a region, there were four different Kapu communities in the various districts of Andhra Pradesh, being the Munnuru in Telangana itself, the Toorpu in the areas of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam, the Balija in Rayalaseema and those known simply as Kapu in the Godavari districts, Guntur and Krishna. Together with the Tooru Kapus, the Munnurus were already designated an Other Backwards Class in India's system of positive discrimination.[1]

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