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List of Kambojs records notable members of the Kamboh (Kamboj) community who have articles on Wikipedia.

Notable people[edit]

  • Shahbaz Khan Kamboh Trusted general of Mughal Emperor Akbar despite their religious differences. Shahbaz Khan at times commanded up to 9000 horsemen.
  • Muhammad Saleh Kamboh Biographer of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan and teacher of his successor Aurengzeb. Also commanded 500 units of cavalry.
  • Shaikh Inayat Allah Kamboh Brother of Muhammad Saleh Kamboh, commanded 800 cavalry during Mughal rule and was a scholar and historian.
  • Shaheed Udham Singh
  • Akhtar Rasool - Pakistani Hockey player
  • Ejaz Chaudhary - Pakistani politician, representative of the Pakistani city of Lahore's Kamboh community.