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NBA Entertainment is the production arm of the National Basketball Association and produces many NBA-related films including team championship videos and blooper and entertainment reels. It used to be associated with CBS/Fox Video before changing its distribution partner to Warner Bros. (whose Turner Sports division runs its website and is one of its major broadcast partners).[1]

NBA Entertainment was founded in 1982.

Films produced by NBA Entertainment[edit]

  • That Championship Feeling: 1983 NBA Playoffs and Finals 1983
  • Pride And Passion: 1984 NBA Playoffs and Finals 1984
  • Return To Glory: 1985 NBA Playoffs and Finals 1985
  • Sweet Sixteen: 1986 NBA Playoffs and Finals 1986
  • Home of the Brave: The 1986-87 Boston Celtics
  • The Drive for Five: The 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers
  • Higher Ground: The 1987-88 Chicago Bulls 1988
  • Bad Boys: The 1987-88 Detroit Pistons 1988
  • Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me 1988
  • Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers 1988
  • NBA Awesome Endings 1989
  • NBA Superstars 1989
  • Kareem: Reflections From Inside 1989
  • New York's Game: The History of The New York Knicks 1989
  • History of the NBA 1989
  • The All New Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers 1989 (Note: this show featured a parody of the History of the NBA called the Unofficial History of the NBA).
  • Return to Rip City: The 1989-90 Portland Trail Blazers
  • Pure Pistons: The 1989-90 Detroit Pistons
  • Sports Illustrated Presents Milestones: Record Breakers of the NBA 1990
  • Sports Illustrated Presents Champions: The NBA Greatest Teams 1990
  • Sports Illustrated Presents Classic Confrontations in the NBA 1990
  • Michael Jordan's Playground 1990
  • Learning to Fly: The 1990-91 Chicago Bulls 1991
  • Super Slams of the NBA 1991
  • Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend 1991
  • Magic Johnson: Always Showtime 1991 (Note this film would be updated in 1996 to include his first retirement, his 1992 Olympic experience and his return to the NBA in 1996.
  • NBA Superstars 2 1992
  • NBA Dream Team 1992
  • Silver Streak: The First 25 Years of the Phoenix Suns 1992
  • Michael Jordan: Air Time 1993
  • Space Jam (animated by Warner Bros. Feature Animation) 1996