Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant

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Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant
Industry Rail vehicle machine building
Founded 1936
Headquarters Russia, Novocherkassk
Products Electric locomotive
Parent Transmashholding

Established in 1936, Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) is based in the Russian town of Novocherkassk, Rostov Region. It is now (2015) part of Transmashholding. NEVZ locomotives haul trains transporting 80% of all cargo on the electrified railways of Russia and CIS countries. On its production lines, the plant has produced around 15,000 locomotives of more than 40 types.[1]

List of Products[edit]

Electric loc VL8M-100
Electric loc OPE1-393

Electric locomotive[edit]

  • E5K (Э5К), 2ES5K (2ЭС5К), 3ES5K "Yermak" ("Ермак"), 4-, 8- and 12-axle freight AC locos. Built since 2004.
  • 2ES4K (2ЭС4К, "Donchak"), DC version of Yermak loco. Built since 2008.
  • EP1 and EP1M (ЭП1), AC passenger locos. EP1 built in 1999–2007, EP1M since 2007.
  • EP10 (ЭП10), passenger locos. Built in 1998–2006 with Bombardier Transportation.
  • VL10 (ВЛ10) .passenger-freight locos. Built in 1961–77
  • VL22 (ВЛ22) (1946–58)
  • VL23 (ВЛ23)
  • VL60 (ВЛ60) (1957–67), passenger-freight locos
  • VL65 (ВЛ65) (1992–98), passenger locos
  • VL80 (ВЛ80) (1961–95)
  • VL82 (ВЛ82) (1966–79)
  • VL85 (ВЛ85) (1983–94)
  • VL86 (ВЛ86)
  • CNR class 8G (1987–90), freight electric AC locomotive. Produced by order of the PRC
  • PKP class ET42 (1978–82), freight electric DC locos. Produced to order Poland
  • VL40 (VR Class Sr1) (1973–84), single-section four-combi electric alternating current produced to order in Finland
  • OPE1 (ОПЭ1) (1969–2001, (single-phase industrial electric locomotive, with one (1) dump cars with engine)—the first Soviet-traction unit. Designed to work on the railroads of open pit mining, electrified phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz at a voltage of 10 kV catenary. You also have the opportunity to work on non-electrified areas .
  • EP20 (2012–current), passenger electric locos two-system created by TMH with the French company Alstom. EP20 is conceived as a large-scale project of the head of the family development program of a new generation of Russian locomotives. In autumn 2011, was unveiled at the railway Expo - 1520.

Between 1947 and 1975 the NEVZ manufactured 3441 DC locomotives, 3774 AC locomotives and 91 double-system ones.[2][3]

Since 1994 the plant has been carrying out major repairs of electric AC and delivers it to electrical equipment. In addition, NEVZ manufactures mining equipment for open-pit mining, metallurgical enterprises - industrial locomotives DC new generation of induction motor drive, for coal mines - contact mine locomotives, mine cargo trucks.

In 2012, was built 247 locomotives.



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