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New Football Federations-Board[1]
Formation 12 December 2003
Type Federation of associations
Website www.nf-board.org

The N.F.-Board (New Football Federations-Board) was a federation of football associations established on 12 December 2003 and defunct since January 2013[2] It was made up of teams that represent nations, dependencies, unrecognized states, minorities, stateless peoples, regions and micronations not affiliated to FIFA. One of the founders was Luc Misson, a lawyer who represented Belgian footballer Jean-Marc Bosman in a case that led to the Bosman ruling.[3]

They organized the VIVA World Cup which took place for the first time in November 2006, in Occitania. The N.F.-Board organized its 5th and last VIVA World Cup in June 2012, which was hosted by Kurdistan. A record nine teams featured with the hosts defeating Northern Cyprus 2-1 in the final.

Since 2013 Non-FIFA football is managed by Confederation of Independent Football Associations. However, in May 2017, the NF-Board announced a "return to action" and said they will be "taking over the leadership of the non-FIFA scene". They announced they will attempt to organize a men's VIVA World Cup in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 (with 24 teams taking part, expect in 2018 where it will only be 16), and a women's VIVA World Cup with 16 teams in 2019, 2020 and 2021. It is unknown what will happen with ConIFA if the NF-Board returns.

Former members of the NF-Board[edit]

The teams in bold competed in at least one Viva World Cup.[4]

 Northern Cyprus
 Two Sicilies
 Greenland [6]
Flag of the Romani people.svg Romani People[7]
 Sardinia [8]
 Sealand [9]
Seborga-flag.gif Seborga [10]
 Arameans Suryoye
 Iraqi Kurdistan
 Tamil Eelam
 South Moluccas[11]
Morning Star flag.svg West Papua[13]
 Western Sahara
 Southern Cameroons [14]
 Chagos Islands[15]
Flag of Esperanto.svg Esperanto[16]

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