National Alliance (Uruguay)

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National Alliance
Alianza Nacional
Leader Jorge Larrañaga
Ideology Liberal Conservatism
Christian Democracy
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation National Party (Uruguay)

The National Alliance ("Alianza Nacional") is a sector of the National Party (Uruguay).


Its leader is Jorge Larrañaga, who ran for President of Uruguay in 2004. Larrañaga was beaten by Tabaré Vázquez of the Broad Front.The ideologies of the sector are centrism and christian democracy.

Prominent members[edit]

Other prominent figures within the National Alliance sector include the following:

Sergio Abreu current senator and former minister of Industry; current senators Eber da Rosa, Carlos Moreira, Ana Lía Piñeyrúa, Verónica Alonso, Jorge Gandini, Pablo Abdala, Pablo Iturralde; as well as governors Bertil Bentos, Guillermo Besozzi, Sergio Botana, Omar Lafluf, Adriana Peña, Dardo Sánchez, Wilson Ezquerra, and Walter Zimmer; and former Senator Ruperto Long and others.

2004 primaries[edit]

Primary elections were held in 2004. The Alianza Nacional took the first positions inside the party.

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