National Library of East Timor

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National Library of East Timor
Biblioteca Nacional de Timor-Leste
Biblioteka Nasionál no Arkivu Timor-Leste nian
CountryEast Timor
TypeNational library
Established2009 (9 years ago) (2009)
Reference to legal mandateResolução do Governo n.º 24/2009 de 18 de novembro de 2009
Other information
DirectorJoão Fátima da Cruz

The National Library of east Timor is the national library and the national archive of East Timor. Its building is under construction since 2011 in Ai-Tarak Laran, a quarter in the Suco of Kampung Alur in the Dom Aleixo Subdistrict of the country´s capital Dili.[1]

The institution was created with a governmental resolution in 2009.[2] It is slowly building a Library catalog mainly with international donations. In 2014, the catalog consisted in 2,500 items donated by the National Library of Portugal.[3]


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